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  1. That's... not really a solution. Thanks for all the options though. Guess I'll have to sit it out.
  2. No that just makes for a super slow weird camera haha. It's not the camera moving or shaking when my character moves... it's when my auto attack hits it vibrates the entire screen, super annoying and useless :/
  3. Apparently I am. I've never had an issue with other games like TERA that also have similar combat. Weird, something about how the camera moves here bugs me, maybe the angle or the FOV.
  4. Damn, there's no way to make it... Not do that eh, maybe I really have to play with the options. If it was smooth i wouldn't care but it shakes like crazy up and down EVERY single auto attack
  5. After disabling it, my camera still shakes like mad everytime I left or right click or use any skill... sigh
  6. k am I blind or is this option non-existent on my end? Not a single camera related option.
  7. Ill be sure to try this, and if it works I will celebrate and get a sub! (not a sandwich)
  8. Nope. Camera Shake. Where every single ability causes your camera to bob up and down or shake on use.
  9. Is there an option to toggle this off? This is the bane of every game that I play, but mostly MMOs because this effect is totally un-needed and incredibly annoying. Please tell me there's a way to turn this off! In some config.xml or somewhere discreet even. Otherwise I might have to skip out on B&S until the options comes to, but I don't want to :(
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