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  1. Worst Patch NA?

    I come online today to play with some friends but im unable to. i cant see my friends list nor can i readd them. Then i also had this issue with the wardrobe? I logged out and logged back in after having an error logging back in cause the client was already open.(it wasn't fyi) Idk what theses issues are but this needs to be fixed asap. in Na btw not EU, BR, etc.
  2. What was your longest Queue Time?

    let me show you what a real queue looks like baby
  3. Fix the queue times.

    its heart breaking man ;-; its like why are we premium for ;-;
  4. Fix the queue times.

    its like that on jiwan as well man its like why pay just to get some long ass queues:'c
  5. Playing the Marketplace

    So far in playing this game i've had a lot of fun. I decided i wanted to start playing the market place like i used to do in one of the other MMORPGs i used to play, Tera. It was fun for a lot of fun because it was like gambling. Some items went for low and then randomly spiked up out of no where. Sometimes things were at a high price and then the price drastically dropped and you just lost all the profit you could make. It was great because i didnt have to 100% pay attention to the game which allowed me to do other things. But it still kept me interested in the game. It wasn't what the game was intended for but it made the game a h*ll of a lot more fun. I was trying to do this earlier but it the game forced a maximum limit on the items that i could post. I dont know if that's because of the recent market place problems or not but. I think it would be fun to put some hours into the market place when im done playing the game for a while. Plus this would be a pretty cool way to make some decent cash since the game makes it hard to make any in the first place. Even as a premium member. Please dont hate on me for bring up another games guys. ;-; just trying to make a comparison:(