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  1. yeah right....then how they make that much money............sure bcs it s a free to pay game lol. it s all about money dude.
  2. this is an easy fix to fix lol. they just need to set to not work the change party settings during combat nor after more than 30 sec.
  3. eh i found some party like that, what i did? left on the next second and joined another group! not that hard rlly, just pay atention at loot option from start.
  4. i rlly wanted to play on EU server for ping lol....but this sheet is amazing haha! like ncsoft had bad idea to call EU servers, when bscly are USA :)
  5. so let s say server is ttly down 24 hrs in a month. that s like 40 cents....wth u want as compensation for? 50 cent? haha
  6. u better start on NA servers lol, are more stable than EU ones:)
  7. Hello, All European Servers have been taken down for an emergency restart. The expected duration of the downtime is ~45 minutes. Once again many thanks for your patience as we are trying to solve current technical issues. i would say 2 hrs ....any1 want to bid?:D
  8. well GPU not help a lot on this game lol, not even a titan, the game is just bad as fk.
  9. sirian..........ak47 and stuffz! i bet every1 will want to play with it!
  10. i did already, just tryed 2'3 times bcs i m new player and i wanted to see every thing around of me! but this is one which not worth to bother with.
  11. nope...after restart at 6:30 they will be down 40 mins more lol...and i sure will be still 2'3 hrs!
  12. oh rlly,,,,,,,,,,that s new for me lol. even 20 years old games have this.
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