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  1. Biased peoples are funny i gotta admit that
  2. yes it takes so much skill to hold left mouse button as summoner and spam primary burst dmg spell with infinite focus
  3. Remove Force Masters

    Yes becuz weakest classes can only get to first place in world rank at pvp
  4. Remove Force Masters

    So many FM mains here who are biased its hilarious
  5. Remove Force Masters

    didnt know its very hard just to go stright and spam your abilities wich stun lock your opponent for 10 seconds and kills him on the spot so spare me your bs
  6. Remove Force Masters

    Explain me why the Force Masters are in first place at pvp you scrublord?
  7. Remove Force Masters

    Seriously there is no counter to this brain dead zero skill floor class you can just blindfold your self and smash your head on the keyboard and still go on a 100x win streak he stuns you for bilion seconds does bilion dmg and you die
  8. How To Play Force Masters

    >Smash your face on the keyboard >Stun for bilion seconds and do ridicilous dmg >Profit