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  1. WHat to do after reaching cap 50

    Collect all pvp and pve outfits, teamup with other players pvp or pve dungeon, join arena build up your prestige. Theres plenty of things to do.
  2. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    Well those people are playing the wrong game if they complaining about a game that center around open world pvp. You have to use stratgy dont go in area where you see opposing faction gathering to ganked you while you doing you faction question. Give it time that opposing faction will move on in other areas.
  3. Factions taunt hand signs emoticon like how real life gangs do against other gangs. This will be a fun feature
  4. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    I agree with you and I dont usually do pvp in mmos because developers struggle with content but B&S is so different. I never had this much fun in years.
  5. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    well to the people that dont like getting ganked dont wear pvp faction gear while you are, AFK or TALKING TO NPC ;-)