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  1. Got disconnected during a tie on Arena the 1st time Then disconnected again after first win. Lastly, I got disconnected during loot bidding. Finally bidding for my needed item and poof. There's no problem in my pc and internet. I'm so frustrated right now.
  2. I am so sad how I can't see NCSoft extend their apologies to us Premium users. Please extend our time to at least the hours wasted for downtime. Please? I'm begging you. The timing for downtime is always parallel to my only time being able to play and I'm sure that I am not the only one. Please be fair with us. Money isn't that easy to earn you know. I will be ending w/n 3 hours from now. And the game just keeps on kicking me out randomly every now and then.
  3. assassins bit too op?

    True. Same with killing a summoner
  4. assassins bit too op?

    Unless the player controlling the Sin is a noob then not at all.
  5. assassins bit too op?

    I feel you, bro. So many weebs crying on how we Assassin players roll. So far the ones I find difficult to beat are skilled Summoners who can literally CC us to kingdom come, KFM with their stun locks, counters, and lifesteal, and better Assassins who just trades blows with counter combos and traps. BM is difficult at times when they do their aerial but ones you manage them they're so easy to handle. Destroyer is easy if you always save up that stealth skill for their grabs. But if you played your cards wrong, GG. Assassins are not easy to play. You need timing, positioning, and pray that your enemy isn't as good as you are at CC and countering. And even if Sins have evasion skills their Def is low and HP is not easy to maintain when getting hit unless always in stealth. Stealth wears off in 6secs even if you play counter Stealth and attacking stealth it wears off after 6 freaking secs. And w/ long CDs it's not that OP at all unless you're too good at stacking your poisons and making stuns. And stealth is manageable if you can score a hit before they go stealth or is already in stealth an AoE can literally shutdown the stealth. You just need a fking brain to kill an Assassin and to play as Assassin.
  6. The real WHY summoner is OP

    It's true that Summoner is a bit OP but Assassin can kill it really fast if you played right. Mine just did a frost and poison then combo the pet and the summoner itself is a goner. But to tell you the truth a summoner 10 levels below me wrecked me up real good before I learned how to counter them.
  7. Assassins OP

    What's OP about Assassin? My Assassin was level 35 yesterday 3 win streak against a 43 Destroyer and 40 KFM and 39 BM but a level 25 Summoner just handed my ass over in a mere 1:13 . It's all about play style, fast reaction, strategy and quick judgement to win on arena.
  8. Join now! Currently starting up with a few people. We will be glad to accept more members. In game name is Xhein Ha. PM me and I'll invite right away. Don't be shy. The game just started.
  9. mfw


    Was doing a party quest... And now it's disconnected again..

    Server's up now.

    Wasted my cash for premium.. I hope they reset my membership.. For their game's sake..