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  1. Well I'm glad you have a better experience with them, cause it's the opposite for me, though I do agree that they do optimized their game, especially compare to this one.
  2. Hey let them dream my fellow gamer...let them dream! Seriously though be careful of "my.com".
  3. Before the patch hit I prefer fire over wind, but after the patch now that they made it easier to stack searing palms with wind I now prefer that build.Although I can still do more damage in the fire build... I don't know what happen but fire to me just feels really clunky now and less fun, I guess I was spoiled from the fast pace of wind, especially when it comes to countering compare to fire.
  4. Ugh I just want the Bruce Lee/ Kill Bill outfit and I be done with trove but my rng is garbage and I'm thinking about just waiting and hope it comes to the store. The first trove caught me by surprise and I spend way too much money on it, not trying to make that mistake again.
  5. I can understand the struggle when it comes to playing this game. While I agree with some of your issues, there are some I have no issues with. 1. Thank god I don't have this lag issue I keep hearing about, but for those who do I truly hope NCsoft West get off their behinds and fix it...doubt it for some reason. 2.OK I can truly agree with you on this part, I'm not sure why people think you need such a high AP to knock out the current dungeons, Hell with 520-550 AP and you be set, if you know all the mechanics in the fight that is. 3.Another point you make,
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