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  1. bug with way of the force master part 4

    I also had to redo the dungeon, but the second time the skills did register. as a last resort you could also try to abandom it under the J tap. this way you should autorecieve the purple scroll once more, that you have to click.
  2. bug with way of the force master part 4

    Have you also tried other combos, sometimes they do also register. Also if this dont work try relogging/ switching character?, I also had a similar bug during training and this did help me get unstuck. oh also you cant use other skills inbetween those 3
  3. i cant log in after update

    Also when I close the launcher that got stuck on repair, I cant reopen it until I ALT CTRL DEL, and have to stop it in process. (love how NCsoft strikes again)
  4. 85 bytes, takes forever

    Ncsoft strikes again. Also got same problem with error message when i delete local.ini.
  5. i cant log in after update

    Also got suddenly kicked from the game, now i keep getting some error. (tried above by making it read only) E02018 MRT_RFT_DDF_D5_6_21/ffffffff
  6. I think this is not really unreasonable, seeing we most people here live in the EU, while the American 'uberrace' *sarcastic* keep scheduling maintenance during night time (NA), meaning EU day time. While for us, the EU, they could easily schedule it separately and do it during the American working hours, not bothering 95% of all the EU players with taking the servers offline for long periods of time. Doing it in this way is their chose, and thanks to that I already couldnt play this game two times this week, so why advertise for 30 days premium, while many people are unable to play those 30 days thanks to downtime, so one or 2 days of compensation isnt to much to ask for paying players. Also to react on one of the first posts, where someone talk about long queue's, why??? premium members have an almost instant login, skipping thousands of bots.
  7. you have played the game? Other than a solid game thats a direct copy of the asian version, all they did to bring us this EU/NA t verson was to buy a few servers and translate all texts, and for those terrible voice actors, they are probably employees. In my eyes, this is the same as not really putting in any effort. If the game basics weren't rock solid, and loved this games settings, most people would have deleted it right away.
  8. First myself as a collector of useless junk, like to own show stuff other people dont, so buying an more expensive item only is worth it if its special, not something that keeps repeating every year, in that case it only means you buy something for its full price while other items get sales, while they dont. Next not all people do full time roleplaying, so if you own something special, people tend to show it of, even more ingame where seasons dont matter, where woman fight monsters several times there own size in a bra and high heels. But needs to be changed is making the untradable items into acount bound. This works for both us and Nsoft. Right now most people simply wont buy skins because they are simply to ridiculous expensieve, and im not even talking about the 12 euro one time use weapon skin, but the character bound outfits . Me and many others still arent sure what main they will play, so spending money on digital clothing on a character they arent sure they will play on a lot, while you can buy real live cloths for less, it just dont sound like a good deal to me. In asian servers this is less of a problem, because the prices are lower. I for example play 7 characters at the same time, and would already have brought several items. But without the ability to trade between those seven I will simply keep my ncoins in my pocket until I have to buy more premium. And when I realy wish to own one of those items, I would just wait until I collected enough ingame coins.
  9. The real WHY summoner is OP

    If you know how to play a class you will always be beter then 70% of the normal people that dont both reading or thinking about it, no matter what. In old days I played halo and call of duty with the most crappy guns in the game, simply to keep the game intresting to me, even though other people kept using items that were rated OP, i still managed to win 75% of the time. MMO's are not that much different, there is always something beter or rated OP, unless every class is 'exactly' the same, there will always be things beter than all else. Also as we all know this game already have many preplaned patches, so calling something OP wont change a thing because Nsoft will try to suck out as much money is it can, and wont be paying any more time or effort to chance it. So my advice as someone that enjoys playing the underdog, the best way to overcome things that are deemed OP, is to play it for yourself. This way you will learn its strenghts and weaknesses, in summoner casses its often best to kill the pet first. Also if you look to Asian championships, here Blade master won most of them, based on this record I myself would call them more OP, as its a class with super blocks, and large AOE abilitys, skills that can easily break stealth, and allthough they need a minimum amount of skill to play, but on higher levels they are so much harder to deal with.