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  1. Des vs BD

    this information true? Destroyer is bad ? welp ... :(
  2. The direction this game is heading.

    well this is disappointing to read. i was hoping to make a return to actually start the game, since Bless news is rather worrisome , it also doesnt help that when i got on, played on my 50 destroyer i got from a free event but never actually played, i crashed. twice . and i dont know why. i liked the training program it forced me into though. but i dont know what the deal is with the crashes
  3. Any notable tips for a newbie?

    alright well thanks for all the advice. i'll try and do story quests, rush to 50 and follow that link for gear grinding and advice!
  4. Any notable tips for a newbie?

    Well if its not "Tree of Savior " Bad, as in melee get skills that have 1-2k damage on them with no form of scaling whereas ranged get skills that have 400% their m or p.atk + 6t damage on their attacks, then it should be manageable. that game burned me so hard. its to the point that no matter how damaging you make your build for a melee there, you'll always be outdone endgame by 5x the damage by even a cleric.
  5. Any notable tips for a newbie?

    are the melee that bad in comparison to money making? i do personally favor melee in general over ranged
  6. Any notable tips for a newbie?

    I guess i'm asking what contributes the most in terms of damage?
  7. Any notable tips for a newbie?

    so in pvp its entirely possible to beat any person if you have the skill level. hows the pve side of things then? surely some content favors some classes over others.
  8. Any notable tips for a newbie?

    ah so they're still running with the whole "play whatever is fun for you" thing. i came from ToS and that was literally the worst advice you could give a player lol. because the game isnt at all kind to that mentality. but its good to know they are balanced in such a way you arent telling me "DONT go xxx" or whatever haha
  9. I hit lv 24 last time i played and hadnt played a few months. but yeah , any advice you could offer me would be appreciated. such as grinding advice, gearing advice, what class to play advice, or anything you can imagine.