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  1. Assassin Vs ForceMaster

    I play FM and tbh Assassin is easiest class for me to beat dont attack while they do their decoy obviously keep divine shield up as much as u can to avoid the dagger they throw cause they can insta jump to u and stun and keep frost orbs up useing f in ice as often as u can applies a chill if they go invis freeze urself with tab or v play defense if you grab a sin they will use their tab and flash bomb u almost every time if they do again freeze yourself immediatly and wait it out if they smoke bomb use grab to pull them out chi drain them and if you have gotten their tab daze with 2 and combo away
  2. Wonder if anyone else is experienceing this its happen to me 2 or 3 times tonight win a round get person low then suddenly DC booted from game network error cant remember the number but its happened a couple times just wondering if its just me or if anyone else has seen this
  3. Yep Experiences...

    nah its still a baby of a game over here in NA give it time they'll straighten it out and get us back up and running
  4. Free Goodies for downtime

    "the game you brought us for free and still happens to be in early launch is not working 100% of the time give me free shit"...srsly lol
  5. Yep Experiences...

    its been working fine for me up until last night for maintenance and just now with servers crashing

    i been getting the same thing just got back on now i gotta leave for work :( so close to lvl 20 :(