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  1. Upgrade Siren Weapons ?

    It is super-expensive. Anyone got a guide on which items to use to most effectively reduce the cost/exp ratio when upgrading it ? I.e. Should I use green weapon ? Blue weapons ? Purple weapons (with soulstones) ? Should I use gems ? upgrading charms ?
  2. Please help me. Even help menu is white.
  3. Not being able to vote-kick for all members of the party (not just the leader) ruins this system.
  4. I agree, this is much better than having gold spammers spam.
  5. How do I block more players ?

    So I need to press F4, then left click 50 times on each and one of the previous banned people and press release ? Never seen any other mmo handle gold spammers this badly tbh. At least in other games it is easy to block them and just get on with it. Here you also need to TIME the right clicks on the spammers name because otherwise they will scroll up on the chat window.
  6. Limit of 50 people seems stupid to me. I can not block the annoying gold spammers any longer and the faction chat is therefor useless. GG ncsoft.
  7. white cedar sap HELP

    Hey all. Can anyone tell me how to jump through the invisible wall to climb up to the bridge that this sap is grown upon ? This is very frustrating indeed.
  8. Help me pls BnS

    I queued up yesterday at 12 am. Timer said 74 minutes. 7 hours later I was still #200 in queue and timer 120 minutes. The calculation of remaining time algorithm really needs a fix.
  9. Do I got time to take a dump for instance without being kicked or do need I need to poopsock?
  10. Most profitable gathering crafts ?

    Ok, so i guess then someone needs green thumbs stuff badly ?
  11. Most profitable gathering crafts ?

    Green thumbs. Those guys make saps for pick axes right ?
  12. Most profitable gathering crafts ?

    start discussion please.
  13. Mud water vs Quarts

    Ok. seems weird to make it so imbalanced though..
  14. Mud water vs Quarts

    Home come the quarts are very expensive on AH, while the muddy waters not so ? Both nodes are limited resources in the open world are they not ?