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  1. Options > key bindings > functions > special skill shot Bind this skill to your Keyboard. Now in fight u press this Button and it activates the skill u choosed of those 3. This special skillshot button also activates the tag in or interfer in 3v3 Enjoy and good luck!
  2. 1.June announced.... still waiting :(
  3. Thanks for the advise and informations. I will think about it, the only problem on all upgrades is the premium sts :/ Thanks again! im doing the wind build pretty well and i dont have problems to get the4 times searing palm on the enemy, dont even need the leaping palm, thats why i choose the Baleful one. Also i dont have any problems at the SSP tbh. Sure its a pain for melees but im so confident with my KFM playstyle im getting each chest everytime and holding aggro all the time without problems, even without the comet strike spam. So i guess the Upgrade will improve m
  4. Thanks for the information it really helped me out. Too bad that we dont get the Dragon Tiger (i think like u, it wont be available in NA/EU). I just calculated things and checked the wind build a bit closer while fighting against some bosses and i come to the conclucsion that the buff is insane for me. There are just a few more ??? that i have with the buff: -How long the stacks are lasting, to get the next proc? -Like how often it procs -And does it reset every skill or except fighting spirit? (Fighting Spirits discription says: unnable to reset cooldown, but t
  5. Hey guys, time comes closer to the upgrade for me. Nearly got all those mats ready, but im just thinking about the gain of this upgrade. Just talking about Baleful and PvE only: 2% more dmg on cyclone kick, really good for my wind build (2f). And the skill reset buff after 10 stacks. The negative point is, losing the 20% more dmg on comet strike which is rlly sad. Fighting spirit + comet strike spam is insane with this dmg buff. Upgrading too Legendary would decrease my Comet Strike dmg by 5000 points.... I want to hear some opinions of other KF
  6. AWW cute :3 I hope he will be released soon, hes soo damn cute while eating the fish :3 <3
  7. Are there any new informations about the otter release? Cant wait any longer, i want this little buddy asap! :(
  8. RMB Spam as Warlock feels like
  9. For the ppl who are missing the paypal option like me on the 365 day recurring membership: i just sent a ticket and got a quick answer. Its temporary disabled but they are working on some problems with that and they will add it asap. Just to say. Wait and check it as often as you can if you want to buy the 365 day one with paypal ;)
  10. Thats sooo stupid... i would pay for this Premium Membership but i dont have a credit card.... its soooooo saaad ohh man... But okay, thats the way they get less money from ppl without credit cards ... I see it right now... its just on the 365days one DAMN .... but i would pay for both.. feather and outfit NCSOFT PLSSS Paypal for 365 days :/
  11. Lol dude it is L2P... All the things you said is truly wrong You can counter everything... u just need to know how with your class. FM got his problems with their escapes but me as KFM its ez... Anyway the freeze walk is normaly... BMs got many skills to break through freeze locks and some moves need to be dodged because he gets invurnable SO practices more and u can do it. It took me 1h to learn him 100% now i can rush this tower first try all the time
  12. Its still the animation. Thats the weird thing at KFM Q/E... While you sidedash and visualy done with the animation, you are still on it. The stand still is like 100ms animation, thats why u cant instanly sidedash the other way. Its weird but thats it. Try to use these skill wisely and dont spam like that. There is no way you need them both, there should be always some other moves you do first. Just use your iFrames and dodges wisely and you will never have problems like that.
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