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  1. Bidding Safety System...

    A monetary bidding system for loot drops is BEYOND idiotic. I hate it with a passion. But, if you just sit there and hit "Y" in rapid fire fashion you can get screwed. Grow up and take responsibility for your actions, don't blame the game.
  2. Suddenly extra mouse buttons not working?

    I use X-Mouse Button Control v2.7 to make games think my extra mouse keys are keyboard keys. Some games don't recognize those extra buttons which is sad. For example, I map my middle mouse button (mousewheel) press to SHIFT and I map mouse button 5 to F3. then in the game just map actions to those keys.
  3. Suddenly extra mouse buttons not working?

    If you use BnS mode, by default the game sets their functionality and seemingly blocks external configs for the extra mouse buttons. Go into in game settings and set the middle mouse function to 'none'.
  4. Suddenly extra mouse buttons not working?

    I can tell you that it does recognize XMouse and Razer Nostromo software.
  5. Suddenly extra mouse buttons not working?

    Fixed it with some settings in game i have not had to make before. if anyone else is affected reply here i will post steps.
  6. Anyone notice this morning that your middle mouse and all others beside lmb and rmb are not being recognized in game? I have rebooted my pc and same issue. Buttons work fine outside of game. I use classic mode, not sure if maybe its limited to that.
  7. is destroyer spin spam op ?

    That is called Wedge and it does next to no damage. Its the throw\piledriver or Headbutt\Smash after that that is getting you. Escape.
  8. is destroyer spin spam op ?

    It does crap damage! You seriously think that is why you are losing???
  9. Gems in Arena

    Damnit. I hoped that's why I was losing so much lol.
  10. Switch to Classic mode for camera control. I HATE action mode like BnS and Tera, etc. The Classic mode is VERY good, just like WoW and GW2.
  11. Gems in Arena

    Do they have an effect in Arena or are they ignored? Thanks.
  12. Wow....Servers Down Yet Again....

    Its almost like they just launched a recently or something.
  13. The real WHY summoner is OP

    But I if don't try to CC or kill the kitty he stops all my grabs and cool moves! The only time I have ever come close to beating a Summoner is when I kept throwing his cat and CCing him.
  14. Lost every game today

    Are you sure you are using your escape skills to their full effect? If you are sitting in CC so long I'm guessing you aren't using your escape skills quickly enough if at all. I have a Destro so I'm not sure how many you have as a FM. Also with some classes you have to learn which of your abilities to be careful using as it will proc some CC ability on their end. I'm new so not sure this will help much but its what ive learned so far. I'm at 30ish fights with a 1554 rating. Good luck.