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  1. As much as I want to write a long paragraph about what is the meaning behind CBT and being a CBTester it's kind of pointless. There is google for that. But to be comparing a game that is still in development to other games that have been out for many years is nonsense. As a beta tester, you should be checking things out report what is buggy and in needs of improvement, not down throated a game that's there to be TESTED for 2 weeks. Yes there is going to be some technical issues and they want to see you as the tester to see what's wrong, reported it, and the
  2. My poor fm being a test subject Q.Q
  3. People got it bad in the eu compare to na o.o yet if eu screams nerf it effects on the na people too who enjoys playing summs who also find it funny that have seen summ that only use sunflower for aoe purpose then comes to bosses they go for bees. i have seen and played fms that are cancer with freeze. Yet when it comes to soloing some bosses or sub bosses that can be freeze its quite fun and easy especially on thre burn build. it does take some skills and practs in pvp which im trying my best on. i have seen and played bd where their grab and lightning build is crazy.
  4. I had the same problem when i was on wins 10 switched back to win 7 and no more problems, with the game so poorly optimize i doubt it runs well on windows 10
  5. I had imagine a male bd in the outfit, twirling around in that skirt x3
  6. Im thinking of getting it for my male lyn ~ x3
  7. You can turn it in while in the Silverfrost map
  8. Couldnt even tell the difference between the enemies team veil vs teammates veil in 6vs6 Would be nice if the enemy's veil be a different color, just a suggestion
  9. I who mains a summie thinks that is a bad idea and too much of an advantage in battle. Just find a spot and summon your cat where you're not in line of sight or use your dandy to run and find a better spot
  10. I really love your explanation. I was once about sunflower user but now that we have more kit with bees im really in love with it
  11. I still like bees over sunflower :3
  12. I like how i am able to keep on dpsing with bees compare to sunflower. Sunflower too me starve so much focus away and you'll have to use your doom and bloom and brair at the right moment for that fast focus recovery. When i'm using bees, i don't starve so much on focus and i can keep on dps'ing non-stop even the attack speed on rose thorn for bees is soo fast you can build up focus back up compare to the rose thorn for sunflower so in my own case and in my own opinion Speed/dot/barely focus starve/+550% dmg for bees and extra dmg with rose toss top that more dmg with
  13. where's your rotation with briar patch and rose toss? plus now you can do more dmg with bees when boss if effected by thorn's pioson and what of stealth for the 550% with rumble bees? my friend you are worried about flat dmg than actually using a rotation to uppity the dmg for both skills. and plz, fight naksun instead of floor 5 you'll have a better results in a longer fight than floor 5 hmm hmmm
  14. terrible, i wouldn't want to hear someone getting rage over calling out people's name and do something crazy or are crazy themselves, i.e music, or any embarrassing stuff. Leave discord and other chat programs to people that are in clans and do things as clans or with friends. plus it'll be too chaotic to be hearing other people over other people, pffft bad idea
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