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  1. As much as I want to write a long paragraph about what is the meaning behind CBT and being a CBTester it's kind of pointless. There is google for that. But to be comparing a game that is still in development to other games that have been out for many years is nonsense. As a beta tester, you should be checking things out report what is buggy and in needs of improvement, not down throated a game that's there to be TESTED for 2 weeks. Yes there is going to be some technical issues and they want to see you as the tester to see what's wrong, reported it, and they will try to make whatever changes there is to be done to bring satisfaction to their gamers. I don't know if some been at that point where we had and npc bugged and had to wait for them to fix it. They have heard us and fixed it. As a CBTester, we can report whatever problem in the game, they will hear us and fix it with the best of their abilities. That's what a beta tester do. Not to go and take a CBT game so serious. (derpaherp) The story is still in development for English, there's no reason to really say how the story is (even though i got this emotional feeling what had happened just from the cutscenes) The dungeons are quite challenging and the pain of trying to not get one shotted in an expert dungeon from a boss is terrifying. The dungeons are really challenging and yes you can even help out low levels (for the Guidance quest) to get through a dungeon and get whatever gears they need which i have to say is nice since they can do it 5 times a day on the "lowbie" dungeon. so they can keep on questing with decent gears until they are able to get better gears to help them for the next dungeon. There is just so much for you to do on the game, you'll be wondering what has happened with time Each class has their own benefit to help out the party buff and debuffing, which is great because not everyone should feel left out because of how their class. The ability to go around gathering materials to make things enjoying the scenery and for a game to be crafted dependable to get stronger gears or just make things for costumes/housing/sieges etc is what keeps your occupied or strive for a goal to do something. What gets me is the fact that you can get most items you need just doing reputations. Yes, as most mmos as people wants to whine and complain about being a grind festival, it will be a grind, in my own honest opinions, I feel it's a lot less range punishment than BnS punishment. The PvP is fun especially when you can do pvp with your guildmates or friends or practice with your guildmate in the guild base (which i have to say is huge and beautiful to be in) The game seems heavily depending you with strangers or guildmates to do things together which is kind of nice. EXP hot springs is nice when you're done with everything and just want to chill, watch or do some stuff while afk'ing or chat with friends/guildmates about things. The open world pvp is really intense, you can be sneaked up in battle and you have the option to either not fight back (give them the debuff) or fight back and defend yourself. The Guild versus Guild is crazy too but fun. Yes the game had big ms and fps problems but people forgetting that we are on a TEST server, one big TEST server. I'm sure they are trying to figure out a way to help that stability before they think about putting us the tester on multiple servers. Plus there is some stuff to test about before they say "okay! we're all set and ready for OBT!" But my main rant about this is that please don't put reviews on a game that is in a development state and instead just try it out do what you can to help than to be rattle a game. I have not even put up videos over RO cause it's a CBT game, what is there to say about it when you are supposed to help it? I do not want to brain hurt my viewers of what needs to be done. I would have save that for either OBT or when it's released. As a tester you should be testing, not telling people do not do this, Let them try it until the very end then see if it worth. k that's my rant Oh! And I wanted to add that the Characterization is really something, to be putting details in certain areas of your char is good. besides BDO Characterizations, I have never spent over an hour just at the Char screen to make sure my girl char has the grace about her in face and body. Especially when i'm more into old Asian cultural style.
  2. FM vs Reflect stun

    My poor fm being a test subject Q.Q
  3. "summoners got nerfed"

    People got it bad in the eu compare to na o.o yet if eu screams nerf it effects on the na people too who enjoys playing summs who also find it funny that have seen summ that only use sunflower for aoe purpose then comes to bosses they go for bees. i have seen and played fms that are cancer with freeze. Yet when it comes to soloing some bosses or sub bosses that can be freeze its quite fun and easy especially on thre burn build. it does take some skills and practs in pvp which im trying my best on. i have seen and played bd where their grab and lightning build is crazy. Yet that dps and utility is great when it comes to soloing bosses when your out of focus plus help the party do dmg on bosses, dps and support helps. pvp i have seen how much they can take out people sadly too many runs away to by time no matter the class which is sad in my case yet i have seen that doesnt and brutely murder any classes which really makes me want to hurry lvl my bd and try him out in pvp i have seen and mained a summ where yes when have a lot of kit but we are also good for boss soloing and if shit goes to hell with tanks we are there for back up and keeping party members alive. and for all of you want to know about stealth well how else are we going to keep out distance and plus the big old group dandy for saving in some bosses mech. unless you really want them to boost our true friends just to keep ourselves alive pve and pvp aspect. In my case people want to look at one skill and cried nerf without batting an eye to see that one skill or skills help them benefits to the people who doesn't want to spend their hours just to pvp. the one skill or skills also focus on pve not just pvp. yes all it takes is to learn how important each class in each department not just one and learn what role you help for the party not just for your self and your own pleasures. leave that to soloing bosses in easy dungs or world bosses. PLUS, if you're not properly prepared for 6vs6 then don't go in until you do i mean it's not going to disappear from the game until the game actually ends. in addition it is unequalize so reeaaally anticipate to either get good group that knows whats up or carry yet crappy ones that are unprepared what is ahead of them. Same deal with owpvp in many mmos. SO please look at it in both departments instead of one
  4. Random crashing with Windows 10

    I had the same problem when i was on wins 10 switched back to win 7 and no more problems, with the game so poorly optimize i doubt it runs well on windows 10
  5. "After school special"

    I had imagine a male bd in the outfit, twirling around in that skirt x3
  6. "After school special"

    Im thinking of getting it for my male lyn ~ x3
  7. You can turn it in while in the Silverfrost map
  8. Different color veil

    Couldnt even tell the difference between the enemies team veil vs teammates veil in 6vs6 Would be nice if the enemy's veil be a different color, just a suggestion
  9. I who mains a summie thinks that is a bad idea and too much of an advantage in battle. Just find a spot and summon your cat where you're not in line of sight or use your dandy to run and find a better spot
  10. Tips on a bee build?

    I really love your explanation. I was once about sunflower user but now that we have more kit with bees im really in love with it
  11. Summoner: The End

    I still like bees over sunflower :3
  12. Bee Vs Sunflower Comparison Thread

    I like how i am able to keep on dpsing with bees compare to sunflower. Sunflower too me starve so much focus away and you'll have to use your doom and bloom and brair at the right moment for that fast focus recovery. When i'm using bees, i don't starve so much on focus and i can keep on dps'ing non-stop even the attack speed on rose thorn for bees is soo fast you can build up focus back up compare to the rose thorn for sunflower so in my own case and in my own opinion Speed/dot/barely focus starve/+550% dmg for bees and extra dmg with rose toss top that more dmg with pioson ivory(love that now) > focus starve/slow cast to build up focus/using skills more wisely when sunflower overflow hits/ Use doom and bloom wisely when overflow hits in addtion briar patch for focus recovery. briar patch for focus recovery works well for both if the bosses doesn't move so much that is and actually have a good tank that can keep them in place but again you'll have to either use pin with your cat or doom n bloom to activate it Plus it is wind dmg compare to stage 1 which does earth dmg and more extra dmg when it hits someone that is standing in it and the tick dmg get that extra dmg multiple times at first i wasn't too excited about the bees build but once i had figure out how to build it and compare it to my sunflower build i think i like the fast quickness of building up dps than flat out dmg and worrying if i shouldn't waste doom and bloom for not only focus recovery but hp recovery despite our new healing skill which also focus on the party not just ourselves. Yet it is up to each own, some may like sunflower some may like bees better, it depends how you want to build your summoner and what build you feel is comfortable with. before this patch and whenever i get on my a bit undergeared FM i have seen a couple of bees using summoners and they did just fine of what they need to do and still be able to out dps some people in the party(when they pull aggro off of someone on bosses) so really it depends how you want to set yourself up and see how you benefit towards the party i.e learn the mech in dungs over worrying about dps. Dps will come along the way as you get familiar with the dung to know what skills help with each fight.
  13. Bee Vs Sunflower Comparison Thread

    where's your rotation with briar patch and rose toss? plus now you can do more dmg with bees when boss if effected by thorn's pioson and what of stealth for the 550% with rumble bees? my friend you are worried about flat dmg than actually using a rotation to uppity the dmg for both skills. and plz, fight naksun instead of floor 5 you'll have a better results in a longer fight than floor 5 hmm hmmm
  14. Replace chat box with Discord

    terrible, i wouldn't want to hear someone getting rage over calling out people's name and do something crazy or are crazy themselves, i.e music, or any embarrassing stuff. Leave discord and other chat programs to people that are in clans and do things as clans or with friends. plus it'll be too chaotic to be hearing other people over other people, pffft bad idea
  15. Treasure Trove Gems Tradable within account?

    They are account bound