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  1. Error E02018 (Please Help Me)

    you may try pressing confirm then update until the download is finished
  2. Random friend requests

    Sometimes I get friend requests from gold sellers!
  3. I think they're asking for your birthdate or more precisely the birthdate you registered with your account to verify that you are the real owner of it.
  4. It worked! Thanks a lot, Sirehii. This is a very very strange issue I've ever encountered xD
  5. It's the problem @@ the installer didn't even create the NCWest folder in Program Files (x86)
  6. As the title says, after I click the shortcut on the desktop after installation it says file not found (kind of). I checked the Program Files/Program Files (x86) folder as well as the game folder and couldn't find anything related to the NC Launcher. Note: I've reinstalled it multiple times but it's still the same.