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  1. chirenon, you can do that but its annoying since dumplings are supposed to recover resilience. It makes it so you have to use a dumpling, then press e like 3-4 times (cooldown 9 sec each) and then eat ANOTHER dumpling to get the same effect as before.
  2. 1. people say madness/lightning is better for pve, but i use guardian for both. 2. you can use war cry pressing 1> tab, you cannot spec threat other than hm points 3. i dont know what video your speaking of but to tank i use 1> tab separately then go in with 2 v z 4 tab (or 2 z 4 v tab doesnt rly matter) 4. You might be lagging, as pressing tab twice will take you out of sentry. 5. F is your main skill, you want to spam F and lmb and use 4 every so often to keep the crit buff. then tab if you have VT badge. 6. blade ward lasts for like 12 seconds i think? using
  3. any explaination on the Talisman item? (brain/nova?)
  4. ready for the shitstorm of people like nOOH but im posting this anyway Hi. Lately things in crimson faction Yura is very empty, barely anyone in faction chat and i dont have the money to switch servers on like 3 characters i use.. many friends say Zulia is more popular and with the game feeling like it's going downhill, it'd be nice to have everyone just in one place.. I was in cerulean for a while and it felt kind of dead too apart from a few people spamming raid recruits. I know i *could* just switch servers but the issue wouldnt just be fixed by that.. all my friends seem
  5. there already is a race change voucher. i doubt they're going to release the race specific classes to other races, such as sin/destro/summoner
  6. i have done koldrak so many times and have yet to see a single garnet :p regardless of it comes from the boxes or not (which apparently hate me) id like to see a way to get garnet tht isnt rng on the stupid dragon.
  7. no need to reply to comments from may > o > im sure everyone knows already tht its coming. lel. also gunner can be knocked up just like any other class.. the q is what gunners use to be airborne and other classes can actually airborne them while they use it so it's terribly unsafe to use in PVP.
  8. unpack =/= claiming them. you can leave them in recieved and unpack them and theyll just show up better, the glitch with items not appearing goes away if everything is unpacked. right click once and then when its unpacked just leave it.
  9. just wait forever never upgrade the prices wil never be cheap enough so dont do it or else rage wen it becomes cheaper later
  10. things are just being moved around, it should tell you whats where on the post. you can always check into the stream later today as well and see if they say anything about the crafting. there will be new stuff as well as removing old stuff so yes you'll be making new stuff and stop making older stuff.
  11. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/crafting-system-streamlining/ read here it was posted a while back.
  12. you dont need tht its not worth it. theyre removing merry potters in a week :x
  13. antiques menu should let u exchange for a better or equal version of it with less sides.
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