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  1. This isnt fair

    "Everyone is eligible for the Hongmoon Bonus Pack, though it’s limited to one per account, so you can only receive the pack on your next purchase with NCoin."
  2. I would like to add that I was there and I saw your question, indeed the moderator asked you what your question was, but you left out one important fact. Your reply to his question was "What are your thoughts on the P2W situation in 6v6? Are you dumb? Block me". The "are you dumb, block me" might have had something to do with the fact that you got blocked, and not because you asked about the 6v6. If you want to get your point through, whichever that might be, insulting them is not a good strategy. So don't put this on the fact that they "tried to silence" you, be honest at least and admit you got blocked because you were inappropriate.
  3. Sundered Nexus Chest Outfit

    From what I understood, they are removing the key, not the chest, so you will just be able to open the chest after you create it, but I might be wrong.
  4. Black Tower Cheese raid (night Shîft and Useful Mafia) is recruiting BB and TANKS with dps above 60k. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please comment below or send a mail/whisper to IGN - Sultána Thank you!
  5. Looking for English PvE Guild

    No problem. And best of luck!
  6. Looking for English PvE Guild

    Ooooh ok, unfortunately different server, Yehara/Hajoon/Onmyung here, and our clan was recruiting :(
  7. Looking for English PvE Guild

    Hello! Which server are you on?
  8. DECODED (Cerulean Order - PVE/PVP at request)

    Hey everyone! You can now apply to join DECODED Clan through our website! Please feel free to visit if you wish to join or find out more about the Clan. Thank you!
  9. How to apply design to clan uniform?

    As far as i understood, you can make the uniforms first, and then apply the design. You can contract the design if you have the fee required, and after that you can craft/purchase the ingredients and put them in. When all the ingredients are complete, you can apply the design, but I'm not 100% sure. About your second question, if a person leaves a Clan with the uniform, he won't be able to wear it anymore, since the uniform is specific to that particular Clan, so I guess it will just be useless. Good luck!
  10. Why is there no way to preview clan designs?

    Once your Clan reaches rank 5, you are able to preview all the designs, colours and costs by talking to a Clan Overseer, which will take you to the Clan Wardrobe.
  11. "[...] if there’s an item that is available only in the item shop, that cannot be gained via in-game activities, and is statistically better than anything available in game… that’s pretty much the definition of pay-to-win." In my honest opinion, this thread seems more of a jealousy thread. The people that sell the book, you called them "trash", which was one of the signs that makes it seem like you're thinking "why did they get the drop and I didn't? It should have been me, the bastards". The people you called trash might have got it on their first run, or maybe not, maybe they grinded and grinded for weeks or months, and finally got it, and they sell it so they get a "reward" for their "work". I used to play a game that would only let you upgrade your weapon with in game items up to a certain point, if you wanted to upgrade more, you needed a special item which was only available on the cash shop, for real money. I think that is the real P2W. But here, everything is available through in-game grind, the fact that some people choose to buy certain things, doesn't mean you are forced to. When you have absoloutely no other choice but to spend real money to advance, then it becomes P2W, when you just have to stop and throw in your real life salary to become better. You don't have to here, you can just keep grinding and grinding without forcely having to "swing your credit card". I think I said too much already, because a lot of people said all this above, but you decided to ignore it. Not to mention that the fact that this game this is P2W or not, is irrelevant, it is a game and the fact that some people decide to spend their salary on it is none of your business and has 0 impact on your real life. You just want to argue your point because you are probably dissapointed after some loss you had in the Arena and some people have the financial possibility to purchase some things via real life currency.
  12. Instant win in Arena

    That was exactly my first thought aswell when it happened the first time, but I said I should ask to see what other things could be :D
  13. Instant win in Arena

    Thank you!
  14. Hey guys! I wanted to ask you all a question about the Arena. It happened to me twice. First time, I was doing my Arena dailies and in the second round of a fight, I can say that I had less HP than my opponent, and all of a sudden he dissapears and i win the match. Another day, same thing, I start the match, and this time, in the first round, I didn't even get to make any move at all, my opponent dissapears and again, I win the match without any sort of fight. Maybe it would be relevant to mention that both opponents might not have been actual players, could it be that they got banned in that moment? Or what exactly happened? Not complaining, just curious.
  15. DECODED - Cerulean Clan for PVE / PVP (at request) content APPLICATION STATUS: Now recruiting all levels. You are invited to apply for a spot in our clan. Feeling lonely? If yes, keep reading. If not, still keep reading because we know you do feel lonely but don't want to admit. If you need help with any sort of PVE content, we're there for you. You need help with PVP content? We're there for you (we will help you even if we die a little, literally and inside everytime). Join now and you will never have to play alone again. Or ever have to be hungry. Fresh, hot dumplings will be served daily with a cup of Healing Tonic. If you are active, friendly, in need of help, or want to help others, we would be happy to take you in. Are you a shabby cricket? By the time we're done with you, you'll be the Honorable Warrior that Bamboo and Jadestone Villages need. Master Hong (and even Old Man Cho) will be proud of you! To apply, message(in game) one of the following names or reply below with your IG name, and tell us a bit about yourself. Or don't tell us a bit about yourself, if you are shy. We'll still love you. LEADER: Maharani ADVISOR: ClydeBroken P.S: We got muffins.