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  1. Its just too expensive. Getting anything you want drives the price WAY up. And you know that any major guild will have the costs on its leaders to pay for lower members. There is simply no way to afford a full outfitting of the guild. You're going to be paying more then $10,000 US dollars to get away from the default set, no joke. I don't know whether to laugh at this stupidity or rage at NC. Either way, I'm not doing this! If my guild can't be together then screw it! Bye bye, pretty clan costumes. I will never wear you. :P
  2. Its been a month and I can't update my character profile. Anyone know what's going on or how to get around it?
  3. Bots have a HUGE presence in blade and soul. On many occasions I question if humans play this game or if its just bots farming and selling to other bots they 'think' are players. The destroyer bots in arena are equivalent to silver ranked players. They are always around in Channel 1 for boss fights to collect essence. They show up in dungeons. Lets not mention Gold spammers... Those 'things' that look like players but move 3x your speed by disappearing and reappearing 10 meters in front of themselves over and over. All the mining nodes that have "1" quarts since the bots can read the amount before mining. I probably missed a few methods... But yah. I'm asking how many of us 'player bots' get the feeling sometimes that were the only humans in the game.
  4. P2w or not?

    I wonder what constitutues as P2W... P2W can upgrade all your weapons and accessories quickly in single runs of a dungeon without much need of gold. Where F2P needs to spend sometimes up to 30 runs and then find a means to make allot of gold to actually do the upgrades. I always see P2W having better gear then F2P so if your serious about the game, its P2W.
  5. I'm sure those F2P who are getting rewarded for their continuous log ins are happy and saying that its perfect the way it is
  6. Pv(Pv)E Balance (yeah)

    Faction combat comes down to gear and level differences because each of the classes have the means to fight each other evenly under similar conditions. The methods may be unorthodox and not allot of fun to use but are none the less there. Being range or melee has nothing to do with it. Destroyers are OP and imo the strongest class from seeing and fighting them first hand - Hyper active ones quickly overpower their opponents and they are melee. Summoners are range and can fight pretty well, consistently dispatching inexperienced players with little experience themselves. I stopped playing my sin and I am working on a FM now because I didn't like how you had to fight against summoners. On the field its rare for a smart sin to die because if they can't kill you or start to lose, they will stealth and run far far away.
  7. F2P is looking at an expected average of 170-180 moves from day one but I'm at around 110-120 now. A few more 1's and 2's and the expectation will drop below 100. Gambler's fallacy, probabilities are only going to stay the same as time goes on no matter how many times you fail. I'm sure those F2P who are getting rewarded for their continuous log ins are happy and saying that its perfect the way it is but for me, its just taking away from the game in a negative way. I guess its as intended though.
  8. If the probabilities are true to the wheels depiction. It should be an average of 2.8 moves per spin and personally I've been around 1 each day. It sucks. Revenue through extortion. And yes F2P doesn't directly translate into "Free to Develop/Publish" but is still vital in having those come to proper fruition.
  9. Maybe, but even with Premium its not a guarantee. One more spin brings it to an expected 90. So if you want to have a decent chance at the outfit, go premium? Since its unlikely you will get it as F2P. Feels like extortion, lol. Oh well.
  10. For F2P the expected number acquired is no more then 60 by the end of the month and you need 100. I'm at 19 with 19days left and kind of annoyed. Just wondering if this is typical and if I should brace myself for an incomplete daily dash for the end of the month. Even with playing it twice every day. XD
  11. Please Nerf Summoners

    I still think they should be nerfed even though I understand the concept behind killing them. Playing against players at your level that are at a difficulty setting of 1 while yours is a 10 doesn't make for a good match, they should be consistently winning. Still majorly unbalanced.
  12. Please Nerf Summoners

    nice to know the lotus can clear the annoying flower but there is the cat's trip and the plant hold, the trip only being 8 seconds
  13. Please Nerf Summoners

    solved what? this isn't a topic about the other classes... its about summoners and counting doesn't work like that for them.
  14. Please Nerf Summoners

    Easy, you predict the attacks and counter them... You can tell when an opponent has the advantage for an attack and time your defenses accordingly. Stealth isn't omnipotent, sin's know the weaknesses of it better then most.
  15. Please Nerf Summoners

    Well if someone has an idea for dealing with summoners as an assassin, do tell. How do you close the distance on summoners once they stealth and stop the resummoning? Killing a summoner without their pet is easy. How do you attack a summoner while its pet attacks your back? The summoner and the cat both have crowd control skills on short cooldowns and your counter wont work when cc'd from behind.