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  1. should i delete my character and create summoner !!

    Diamond eh? You wanna go ahead and list the names of the current blademasters in Diamond? You know what, go ahead and list the vast multitudes in plat while you're at it.
  2. Current class numbers in gold+ disgust me

    ...NCSoft gonna murder another game with amazing potential with some really half-a-brain-cell inspired choices again...
  3. How is blademaster's dps in pve?

    ...Why he post about tank build in DPS thread. QQ deceptive.
  4. How is blademaster's dps in pve?

    I avoid pierce like the plague. If you put a point in SS and use Q too to get back into draw stance there's really no point in time ever that you should be 'stuck' in basic stance and thus the focus is more valuable for flicker spam. Pierce is not necessary on any level for the draw stance focused build. Even updated lightning draw isn't but it certainly can't hurt (if I wanted to drop some of the CC low damage stuff I'd put those points in the draw for the boost to damage). I keep the CC stuff for those "Oh @#$@ I pulled everything oh @#$@!!!" moments.
  5. How is blademaster's dps in pve?

    https://bnstree.com/BM?build=4501002201433062323323115322113113831111311053310811205321272114231603310034213211 <--- This is what I run right now. It's an okay hybrid of DPS wailing with some control/CC to buy time/build focus/trigger combos as needed, and gives 'some' versatility for bursty PVPing too (better with silly things like Poha's shield for obvious reason). I 'love' divebomb, btw. Get a summoner or KFM friend and you can pretty much spam it when they grapple and dragontongue when your BD or Dest buddy picks them up.
  6. How is blademaster's dps in pve?

    If you want to dps in blademaster and rival other characters around your level/gear, invest in draw stance. It's our squishy 'dish out stupid amounts of damage' stance where we throw caution to the wind. I favor melee flicker and dragon tongue for mine, using q and 1 point in ss to get me back into draw stance swiftly. Basic stance is used for gap closers, CC, and really quick flicks for extra focus right before I jump right back into draw stance. If you learn your flash step timing you'll find you actually eat things alive/peel aggro pretty consistently, and always use all your dragontongues if someone is holding the enemy for you, it's boatloads of damage and removes the CD. If no one's holding the enemy up, weave dragontongues between two or three melee flickers to take advantage of the small CD window. Tab for me is tiered to give 3 focus and hit like a truck, and z just has one point to yield 3 focus. For AoE flash step, blade call, anklebiter (just for control), and lightning draw tend to be more than enough. Note that this isn't exactly what you necessarily want to take into PVP (though I've busted a few unlucky souls with an aggressive ambush), and if you're trying to solo Junghado with this be prepared to hate life because if you aren't qing and ssing like crazy or juggling your ccs you're wide open most of the time trying to run draw stance.
  7. Mushin Tower 7F

    ..Hmm. So if my ms isn't spot on, I'm pretty much boned, eh. I see what you mean about the rest, but damned if parry feels like it triggers right when I use it. I'll play with the training dummy later and see if I can't puzzle it out. Thanks for the tips. ...Some of those names you used I'mma just... uh... puzzle out in english, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.
  8. Mushin Tower 7F

    Some really stupid trolls wandering into this thread. So I gave this a try for a little while today and as blade master in current patch I feel like either I can fight him forever (even when he enrages) without dying, but don't do anywhere near enough DPS (Get him to maybe 50ish% spamming pierce and such) or I can burn him, but I eat damage like candy and flop over dead in half his combos anyway. Was just wondering if any other blade masters have any tips other than 'get better gear' since I'm already working on that. Did some swooping and whooping with Qs and Es but I just need more damage and less time spent hiding in block without dying, I think. It also probably doesn't help that I'm 103% accuracy, as I saw that post earlier in the thread. Edit: Also seen several assassin posts about him bugging out. Even if there IS a way to beat him as assassin that doesn't rely on the skills he bugs out against, that really doesn't excuse a buggy content release boss cap anyway, Lahabrea.
  9. I accidently ordered polished marble this morning from an unfortunate misclick, and in two seconds flat noticed it swiped 15 precious soulstones from my inventory to do it. Of course, I panicked, canceled it as fast as humanly possible... ....and got none of them back. I didn't even get the basic marble back. Or my money. ...What kind of garbage is that? I can't imagine the game is programmed to intentionally jip you like that, and if it's something you can't get your items back from it should inform you that you're using rare materials before it even begins. NCSoft, c'mon now.
  10. Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

    Or they could just stop trying to be cheapskates and do what their little offshoot group did in Wildstar. Carbine made a global account wardrobe that you added costumes too and took costumes out of. Just make the wardrobe account wide instead of per character, but still only store one costume at a time for each type in the wardrobe, so there is still reason to have multiple at times if you have characters that you want to wear that outfit on. This gives you account wide outfits, but still allows NCSoft to make some profit off of multiple outfit sales for those who don't care for the inconvenience.
  11. I don't think I've seen anyone complaining about this, and maybe they simply haven't noticed. But lifesteal in the current build of the game seems to randomly decide to cease functioning. The major abilities I've noticed this problem on involve KFM's grapple 3% health regen on successful attacks mid grapple, and BM's shoulder charge for 10% hp. (Mind you when I say lifesteal I just mean 'requires a successful hit, which we get, to give health back.) This is a VERY frequent bug, and I can pinpoint a ridiculous number of aggravating deaths and a few arena losses directly to "My ability mysteriously stops working despite no known CD and having worked consecutively properly at times before." Unless I am missing some hidden information in a tooltip about health on hit abilities, please fix this bug.
  12. Petition: Chat Size Increase.

    Signed. Even for non-rpers this limit is terrible.
  13. This game is amazing, and there's only a few things I would suggest to make the experience smoother and more immersive, but as I haven't seen too many posts about this but have HEARD plenty, I wanted to make a suggestion for future consideration of longer in game chat post lengths and the ability to have custom emotes (see Wildstar, particularly with the Killroy addon.). I don't really care if this means opening up the UI to addon features, or if it would be a simple change in the game and code, but it would go a long way to helping people communicate and relate within the game. I myself am a roleplayer, however, even before getting into lengthy, descriptive posts, I am having to chop up everything I say to people in just regular day to day conversation because the chat post length is severely limited. I'm not sure if this is going to be adjusted going forward, but it would be sincerely appreciated if so. The bid system works for 'some,' but in most cases I have experienced in game, it is trolly, and spends too much time in the dungeon obsessing and fighting over little pieces of gear. People cannot transition into the next phase if they are interested in the gear, and if it is a difficult dungeon, that also means the rest of the group cannot progress even if only two people are left fighting over gear. It also promotes bad blood and competition between groups over loot, rather than an urge to work together for a chance at loot. Other MMOs frequently use the RNG dice roll system, and while that means one person gets loot and others do not, bosses usually provide some other manner of benefit to the rest of the party, be it simply cash (making farming dungeons more profitable in general), crafting materials, or just an individual random chance at a gem or something out of a chest. As is, you might get some money from all the bid wars, but the rest of the dungeon doesn't really give you any more. Bringing up the next suggestion. I know you don't want everyone to be rolling in tons of gold mid way through the game, but I'd suggest ditching the bid system, and upping the money drops in dungeons just a little bit more. That way, it's still worth farming the dungeon even if you don't get the item you want or the weapon you're running for (while literally everything else in the dungeon is worthless to you because you've farmed it 20 times and the item you want won't drop or someone keeps dropping heaps of money on it. :|). This promotes actually wanting to group and work together, to get things done fast, because individual participation is all around rewarded, no matter how geared or developed your own character already is, as well. As is, my girlfriend and I have done several dungeons, got our weapons, and immediately went "Eh, we'll come back for xx item when we're high level and don't need anyone else." Also. The PVP in this game is spectacular, except for one glaring point until you hit endgame. Please do something about targeting and high levels purposefully jumping into lowbie questing areas and hiding amongst the normal leveled characters there to gank lowbies. I know that ganking is a regular thing in most MMOs, but in most MMOs it is also remarkably easy to see when a max level is running dead at you so you know to get the hell out. In BnS, there is literally no time (or in many cases opportunity) to see a 45 or several 45s fighting maniacally in a group of lowbies while you think there is legit pvp going on. This may seem like a minor thing since you can die (which already ticks you off) and auto-remove your uniform. However, for those who come into the game and are keenly interested in it for World PVP, this is a massive (and disgusting turn off) right from the beginning of the game. There should be some manner of deterrent or segregation in that situation. I understand that NCSoft is not the original developer, but the adapter of this port to NA, but some mention of this should be made in the hopes that something will be done to resolve it. There are already too many discouragements to people who can't get in to the game for hours and thusly been leveling slowly, than having high levels jump them and ambush them constantly for lulz.
  14. These errors.

    You know, normally I don't make posts like this, but something's gotta give. NCSoft, I know, being a big, fancy, multi-MMO producing/publishing company is hard. It's a hard knock life. But these servers man. This just ain't gonna fly. You going to give us something for the hours of "Yo, you been able to play the game yet?" "Naw." "I've been wanting to play all day." "Eh." you're giving us? Don't even get me started on the people 'paying' to play. How about the poor folks who, every time you boot them, hours later when the servers FINALLY come back up, they have to sit in a 4+ hour queue time? Don't just thank us for our patience. Our desire to support you and play your game is why you have a reason to fix these @#$@ servers to begin with. Thank us with some sort of event. Maybe double/triple outfit drop chance for a while, or gems (I heard those are expensive at endgame) or SOMETHING that says "My bad, I'm working on it, but in the meantime this might help make up for your lost time a little?" The game's out. Beta test is over. Fix your @#$@.
  15. Remove the bid system.

    The bid system basically pits you against the party every single time loot drops. Where's the emphasis on cohesive gameplay and working together? Having to literally fight over loot that could be solved with a simple good RNG roll seems like a glaringly foolish choice in the game, and it kind of doesn't promote working with other people when you can just play with a few friends who are always okay with passing. In just a few instances I swiftly learned that if I wanted stuff out of a dungeon, I basically should not bother trying to do any of them with new people, because a lot click bid constantly just for the sake of doing so or getting people wound up about items no one else even needs. Also, the instant drama over loot draws all the focus away from the story and instancing going on, and onto the loot prize, which, sure, we're all after, but I don't think anyone playing Blade and Soul isn't looking at all the gorgeous eye-candy and over-the-top anime action along the way. Ditch this crappy bid/auction system and just give us our dice back, please.