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  1. newsletter gift

    Hey, I just checked, I did not receive the email about a gift, however I checked my account here on the website, and where you redeem your codes I had one from yesterday... Gonna log in and see what it is.
  2. Oh wait! THIS IS IT GUYS! He isn't mad because destroyer don't have "enough" damage... He is mad because destroyer don't have the highest damage! Maybe, just maaaaaybe, and this is crazy I know, the sin had more dps because his gear was better? because his pin was better or his skill in general? crazy right? I know!! but seriously That picture proves that a destroyer can make as much damage as any other class, now all you have to do is think what other thing can you do to help the party ? or maybe just maaaaaaaaaaaaybe, play with friends? I know... crazy am I right?
  3. Thank you Kindly...

    When a bunch of HM 12+ says "Is usuless to even try" you know the matchmaking is not the only thing broken with arena, I feel like new players have 0 chance to try, that's why you get "unbalanced teams" there's only few old players trying that... If a new players dares to try with 600ap omg the bullying will make him uninstall the game... And the say "Gear up first..... BUT not here where you're supposed to get the stuff to gear up faster!". When Laguna and Whirlwind came out, there should've been a warning saying "You need to be above HM 12 to enter" and then people MIGHT stop complaining. Also, you guys had a ninja... Maybe is not a soulburn but they do have an aura... Plus... Stealth. The other team looks premade, try that... At this point it might be your only choice if you want to compete.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if this could be possible, it helps a lot! To think that we can get a forging orb (1600g in my server) with 130 Heavenly Energy or 1kkk exp with 100, it makes me think that it shouldn't be a problem to have the Sacred oils too, make it worth 80 or 120 so it won't affect the market price, just to think that I have to pay for at least 6 oils to make my soul somewhat useful but they cost 350g... HMMMM man! and I have 3 characters, do the math! And you guys put the oils during events with relatively easy % of winning, is not like you don't want people to have them! I truly believe that before worrying about Forging orbs, I would love to upgrade my soul to +6 or 10
  5. Maybe during this specific roulette when you get the silly amount of .... 2chocos (WOOOOW), is really lame, but back in the beginning you could get costumes with 1 or 2 rounds... And even the previous roulette was good because you had the chance to win some cool items in the 10bags they gave you. So... I think it is good most of the times but valentine's roulette is by far the most unrewarding.

    But with a personal dps meter only showing your damage this shouldn't be a problem... In 4man when you need the help of others 100% it's okay to compare who's trying less than others but with 6 man, whoever claiming to be the best should quit parties and solo all the dungeons... I remember something awful from tera, with the new dungeons and some lag, someone called out to me and asked why did I make less damage than the person next to me with same class and I had no idea he could see that... All while complaining how he did like 30% of the damage and I was like "holy **** dude, take it easy" so I know what you're talking about ... But with a personal dps meter, only the harkor players who would take out the calculators would brag about dps but only their own.
  7. While it would be fun to buy premium with Hongmooncoins... If you make it for everyone, is not premium anymore. You said "donation" but ncsoft is a company, this is business not charity. It also means that a large part of the community would stop buying premium memberships and settle for those 7 days... That's bad for business! Now, I'm not 100% sure if this can be done but, premium membership can be gifted right? if you have a good friend in game or a trusted guild mate, maybe you can talk about paying with gold the price of the 3 month membership. Just make sure that you're dealing with someone trusted inside the game.
  8. HI, im a player of bns!

    I suggest you try another class for a while, but not transform your current class into another. Like, really? just turn everything into another character just like that? If I were ncsoft, I'll make that option available for like 5000NCcoins just so people wouldn't come and ask stuff like this... If you really have friends, tell them to help your BM instead, a carry in some dungeons. It's really unfair the treatment that the destroyers are getting lately, they need a fix asap but this... imo is just ridiculous.
  9. Yeti weapon box drop rate in Yeti 6man

    MAN!I can't believe this thread was made yesterday, I'm like you man, I have a BM hongmoon 10 and warlock HM 8, but I wanted to take the chance with this update to go back to my FM (now HM2) but I'm stuck with the stupid yeti too... At first, I was going full Frozen fang to get the Tormented but the box doesn't always drop so I went for yeti because it drops tormented AND yeti weapon ( you have to use more materials but at this point, do I care?). But after some very awful tries what do I get? a yeti dagger with the active quest... AND I'VE NOT SEEN THE FIRST WEAPON FROM THE BOSS ITSELF. So... The drop rate is awful, but there are 3 things that make this really really freaking annoying, one would be...Our hongmoon lvl, you're lower than 5? that means you have a terminal contagious disease and people will avoid you, I was kicked from a party without ap requirement (I have 491) by a ****ing hongmoon 5 with 385ap...... HE WAS USING THE TORMENTED WEAPON AS MAIN WEAPON! AND HE THOUGHT I WASN'T WORTHY OF HIS PARTY! that was disgusting to be honest. Second would be the mechs in Yeti, easily one of the most annoying in the game (I avoid it with my hm10) with all the freeze, the fact that you can't kd or fail to stun or stay too far away bcoz of the plants AND avoid his last spam of ice, and you'll probably be playing with new players that don't even know what's dragon blood or for some reason they refuse to use it. Third... And this is really weird, how come if you play in Fleet, tomb or if you play Asura... You get weapons 120% of the times? you'll receive a weapon for sure from these dungeons but yeti most of the times will spit in your efforts and throw you a ss with a refined pack of 5? This part, this WALL is soooo annoying that I wouldn't mind buying the 80g key to open the tormented box when I get it... IF ONLY I DIDN'T NEED A SECOND TORMENTED WEAPON FOR THE NEXT EVOLUTION. We're not asking you for compensation, just make it fun to play Ncsoft, to see these many people and the fact that I was going to make this exact thread if Septy didn't made it first, you must consider if something it's wrong.
  10. Yes, I've salvaged 3 so far. But the ones from the event box (that some people have won like 5 times) are not , they look the same.
  11. Your problem is having the destroyer, the slower class in the game against the assassin, one of the faster (idk if the fastest) classes... If you pick another class, like BD or Warlock you won't have that much problems with the sins, but you'll start having problem against other classes, so unless they make the perfect formula to have all the classes perfectly balanced you'll always find your worst enemy in pvp, will you make another thread then? My suggestion would be to give the destroyer something like a Fury Cry, an AoE skill that dazes or knockback anything within 3 or 5 meters, so if you see an assassin approaching during stealth you use it, just like BM use Fock Of Blades for example, because I know trying to hit them with anything else is almost impossible. As for PVE... I don't know man, I love having a class with grab in my party, BD have it too but what else they have? Something that I can agree with you would be that fighting spirit aura... I expect that from a KFM, SF, BM or destroyers but an assassin with a party buff? doesn't fit its class at all lol
  12. is it possible to farm 2 amethyst during the event?

    I know this isn't for everyone, but if you spend the minimum required for nccoins (5bucks) you will be able to use the mail between characters, that means only one Gem for all the characters... And while it might be a waste for some people, after playing for a year....With 6 characters, and 3 special gems (diamond 35ap, amethyst 220drain 7ap and ... the other one with 8ap) bound to account, I don't regret my decision, the rest of the stuff can be purchased with in game currency... Seriously, starting a new character with 50+ ap in lvl 6 or 10 and just mailing all kind of untradeable (but bound to account) items has made my life really easy. This is a worthy investment if you plan to keep playing with more than one character.
  13. is it possible to farm 2 amethyst during the event?

    Actually, he's talking about the costume you get from the box, but the costume you can exchange for 20 chocos can be salvaged, that's what I'm saving up for, because I already have a 220drain amethyst. As for the rates getting chocos, for me there have been good, I have 6 characters btw, I can't quite check right now (maintenance) but it goes like FM 4 chocos SIN 16 chocos BM 6 chocos after exchanging 20 chocos for one costume ( and salvaging) WL 32 chocos BD 4 chocos after exchanging etc etc Destroyer 1 choco (started yesterday) SO! By the end of this event, I foresee myself having at least 10 high quality fabrics or 20 with super luck! so Try to make the event with at least 2 characters because the chances are high and you won't even need to buy the bundles if you started already (but if you can, go ahead).
  14. Heaven's Mandate and Daily Challenge

    While I agree that daily challenge should include again some open raids and not just 6man dungeons (and not just the MSP that gives me 100%lag the moment we start hitting the boss and shows my 0dps in the party because I can't attack), there's nothing hard about getting the scale, idk about the other servers but in yehara they cost like 80silver... Say you buy 5 or 10 just in case you don't find someone else looking for party with scale, that's easy... At least easier than farm pieces to make just one if you're alone. 1 hour... ? The worse I've seen was 10 minutes late at night, and it wasn't because none of them were recruiting but because of the few who were, they were asking 600ap
  15. Disconnection issue

    I had to come back and say this, since yesterday's night the disconnections has been reduced to ... Zero! I don't know, I didn't touch or move anything, I've been leveling up and spamming poharan (I want the costume) and it worked fine, but some lag sometimes and a high lag peak at the end of the day (I had like 40 seconds delay in my skill inputs but not for chat) but that could've been my connection... Ironically, having a lag like that would give me a DC, but no... I had disconnections when the game seemed perfectly fine. I hope is fixed for good, any of u guys checked again?