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  1. So let's say 3 members contribute to making pellets but I don't want there to be a dispute over who claims the items. -How do I make it so that only they can receive it? Do I limit crafting restrictions to only leader? -Will it prompt me to pick and choose who can take them? (like are members able to request to take them out?) -Or will i have to promote the members to whatever positions holds clan crafting management abilities. I was a little bit confused.
  2. The more I think about this... the more I start resenting the system. It really leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
  3. It's true. I've played a game for years; continually support them by putting more and more into the game as a happy and loyal customer. Even after totaling the amount of money spent I had no regrets. It's really unfortunate that more and more gaming companies just seem to neglect consumer... most times feigning ignorance or claiming their inability to fix certain issues.
  4. It truly is. They're losing customer's trust by misinforming them. Even if it was a slip or an accident, they're going to keep losing customers faster by not correctly informing players of the potential losses or compensating for it.
  5. Just when I got over the fact that I could've saved a bunch of gold had I just bought a gem hammer earlier instead of buy 4 for one slot; now I have a chance of losing it? Or that I could've gotten it for free? This game is a piece of work. A masterpiece. The publishers don't know how it is intended to work; but it's a piece of art.
  6. all bsh/poh/lab 4 dungeons have been removed. rewards that were previously obtained there are now obtainable in the corresponding 6 man dungeons.
  7. I'm having an issue with my FPS gradually dropping. I play on a lower populated server and at the initial release of the game I was at a steady and reliable 60 FPS. A month or two back my FPS dropped to about 40 FPS which isn't bad at all and I was still playing quite comfortably. About a day ago my FPS dropped to a maximum of 15 even with minimized graphics. It's been a lil bit annoying to play for me... (I can play about the same with maximized graphics; which is pretty strange to me). Is there a good way for me to increase my FPS? Things I've done so far: 1. V
  8. Response I got when I sent a ticket: I don't think we'll be mailing to alts any time soon though. Which is kinda sucky when you can only be in 2 crafting guilds and you can't materials you need from another char unless you cave and purchase nc coin for a service that is actually intended to be free.
  9. I love my BM far more than my Warlock. Better survivability, decent dps (imo-albeit not the best), and if you're good pvp is viable. It's great fun bc there are a lot of ways to maneuver with bm with all the gap closers we have, along with q/e. It's also pretty easy to get out of sticky situations as a bm. It takes quite a bit of skill to play but imo it's rewarding to me because that's what makes it fun. I've played nearly all classes: so far among BM, Destroyer, and FMs are my favorite to play. I would try BD's (as they have better skills than BMs) but not enough motivation to
  10. so many things i want for my clan :( -Additional rank up slots would be nice -Even the maximum 80 slots is not enough for me; please redistribute the amount of slots per rank. The current maximum limit is abysmal.
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