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  1. made a new jin (probably going to remake this char when warlock comes out tho)
  2. As a non-spanish speaking person; I think more Spanish people should speak up if they want a sub-forum. If there's a large enough demand for it I think they would consider it. I think it would make players happy; and they already have French and German forums. I think if the community wants it bad enough they'd make room for a Spanish forum. It is the second most spoken language in the US; I don't think it would be such a huge task to find a few dedicated moderators for it.
  3. All they need is one spanish-literate forum moderater or volunteer moderators tbh. Come on, Spanish is the US's second language isn't it?
  4. I suppose for spanish people; it's not about the client. It's not about catering 100% and being completely devoted to making sure their game play is 100% Spanish. They joined knowing that the game was in English. All they want is a forum; a little community for Spanish speaking people. They just want a lil love.
  5. /shrugs if there's a demand why not ask? Catering to different regions of people is not a bad idea since this game is open to both EU and NA. They could open a large sub forum for foreign languages with different subheadings per language.
  6. There's actually a lot of people who speak Spanish on the servers though...
  7. she cute but she could use a bit of a tan. i was never a fan of pale white.
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