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  1. Legion looks promising. The changes coming to all the aspects do as well.
  2. Same here. I let my time go because there will be nothing new until the expansion pre-patch. Don't get me wrong I love WoW and I will be returning once that patch hits.
  3. How can you not compare them? They are both MMORPGs. Yes they both have their strength and weaknesses, but currently WoW is hemorrhaging Sub because of what they have been doing to the game.
  4. I am waiting for Legion as well, which is another reason I am playing a different game. Something tells me, however that Legion will be no different that Cata, Mop, and WoD.
  5. I agree this game isn't ground-breaking, but it seems to be more balanced.
  6. I've been on WoW for about 10.5 years now and I've seen the highs and lows of the game. Watched as the buffed classes that were OP and already buffed and nerfed classes that needed buff. I don't quite know their logic on that, but it's dumb. Anyway, I saw an ad on Facebook about how this game released on January 19th and decided to give it a try, I mean what did I have to lose I was already letting my WoW time expire because the is ZERO to do in WoD. And to be honest this game is a nice breath of fresh air. The play style is way more complex and the classes all seem to be balanced (apart from
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