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  1. Continued Weapon & Accessory Upgrade Path

    Take a look at the big picture here and see why you want to get to true pirate before the chain changes and you have to get all the new mats to get to the same place. Only one set of the new mats to get to true gale or w/e they decide to call it instead of multiple sets (at terribly gouged prices of course) to get to the same place just because they couldn't bother to finish upgrading to true pirate now when mats are dirt cheap.
  2. Moonwater 4-man removal in Level 50?

    Blackram narrows used to have a 4m too, thats where the costume and jewelry dropped.
  3. Naryu lab How tank 3 elite force masters.

    Tab to first, C, Tab to second, V, Tab to third, spam Q until fight is over, Z as needed to keep it alive. Easy as pie. As long as nobody else bothers them, the adds will never stop firing at the cat.
  4. Dailies and me.

    If you are queuing into runs, expect the people to be floorfodder at best, and play accordingly. On the (extremely) rare occasion that someone actually knows how to and is capable of tanking, let them. Otherwise, hold their hands and carry them through like a good summoner.The ones that don't spec taunt are also speccing out of all the utility they have, just to keep their rotation up so they can stand and turret and hope that something doesn't interrupt them or move out of range so they lose stacks and dps tanks. If you are running with friends/guildies, and someone else wants to tank, cool, let them, and you can spec for more dps. Queuing though? Expect to be tanking, and taunt that crap like your run depends on it (because it probably does).
  5. Drops from 4 man bsh and poh

    Volume and Alley are the only sellable things you can seartch for, the class skill books from bsh, and the cat outfit pieces from poh.
  6. People asking for 400+ AP for NLAB WTF ?

    You can do 450+ easily without ever stepping foot in lab, just put the effort in. If you don't want to be part of the groups that are asking for 400+ so that it's a fast run (instead of people running 330 and failing to enrage timers over and over again) then don't join them. Simple as that. Enrage timers are a thing, and you need a reasonably geared group to meet them. Nobody is stopping you from just joining random queue for lab, so crying about groups that aren't in the random queue won't get you any sympathy from anyone.
  7. Font and Background colour

    Yep happening to me too.
  8. ForgeKeepers and razors

    Look at the description on the daggers, they can be used by both sin and lock. The only actual razors you can make with forgekeepers are the illusion weapon skins, and they use the dagger as the base, not a razor. Same as the lynblades use a sword as base.
  9. Mushin 8F drops

    Gotta get those kills for the achievement yo! But seriously, one kill for the daily, then ignore it on any consecutive runs.
  10. No Yunwa option? Fail poll.
  11. Anyone want to share some non sunflower builds? That's what I use for everything, full utility with no tradeoffs, higher dps if you learn mechanics of each fight and stand right up on things and crit spam on them. Tried sunflower, don't like it at all since not only does the spam clicking hurt my wrist after a while, but any interruption from perfect stand and turret scenario kills the rotation and dps.
  12. You won't be breaking your true pirate anymore, there is no reason to make a second weapon at all. Awakened pirate will be plenty to get rolling with when the 50 content drops, and will no longer be available to upgrade into. The new upgrade path will start from true profane, siren and pirate will be relics of a bygone era. Unless they decide to frankenstein something else together before then of course.
  13. The old siren/pirate path will be gone completely. Wherever your wpn ends up, it will pick up from there in the new path, you can't continue the current (old) path once the new path is implemented.
  14. Sunflower Rotation sucks

    Respec bees, stand in melee range, constant 5k+ spam all day long. Feelsgoodman.jpg
  15. 1% for regular, I've heard both 2% and 3% for brilliant. 10% for regular would be just silly, there wouldn't be hardly anyone at all getting any chests per kill.