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  1. Well it was fun for a month

    Yeah right fanboi, clearly you do not play the game and are not even at endgame yet! ROFLMAO... grinding isnt a challenge, it can even be fun, IF there was content. Anyway, I am out, have fun kids... I will be in Black Desert, you kids will be back in WoW soon. LOL
  2. Well it was fun for a month

    I don't play WoW kid, never did. Crawl back under your trailor. This game has been out in other countries for a long time, there is no excuse for lack of content.,
  3. Fun is over now... Got Merry Potters to level 3, Soul Wardens to Level 3, and two other skills to level 4. Got one level 25 char Got one level 45 char Leveling was fun, but at 45 you hit a brick wall and come to a complete stop when you need to farm HUNDREDS of gold just to get your weapon to level 42 and get into the final purple dungeon to farm upgrades for your shield (the 25k HP shield is all i have so far). I farrmed the moonwater Soul Warden resipie for about a 1 gold bid, but no luck getting Merry Potters moonwater recipie (which will bid for 20+ gold if it drops). I do not have even a fraction of the required moonstone materials, I figure I would need to run 75 dungeons and win 100% of the bids in order to do so. That will get me level 42 jewelry and 42 weapon, to get the level 45 weapon means running the same dungeons another few hundred times! Getting tired of blocking 100 spammers per day just to be able to chat :( Basically the loot sucks in the game. We only have our weapon, and 3 accessories that all provide states. We spend the game upgrading them, which moves at a decent pace until you hit 45 and realize you need hundreds of gold, or hundreds of mats, which means farming the same 3-4 dungeons thousands of times, which is boring as hell. There is lack of a sense of reward because there is no gear, and not even luck, you need to outbid the gold buyers to get ANY reward. I do not mind grinding, as long as I am getting rewarded along the way AND have a lot of challenging content to work through. 4 dungeons is not a lot of content, and it is not even challenging except for finding a group that does not bail if everyone isnt level 45 HM1 (I am, but not everyone is). This game consists of having fun to level 45, then slamming into a brick wall that causes you to do nothing but sit in the dungeon lobby and run through the same shit over and over and over and over :( I wish I did not buy the most expensive package for this game, it wasn't worth it! Oh well, at least Black Desert will be out in two weeks. Its a typical Korean grind too, but at least there is a lot of stuff to do, and it actually has real crafting and real gear! Imagine that! I have about 10 gold, and spent maybe 20 gold so far. But I need a shitload more tears, those green gems, and other expensive drops that will take much more time in the same few dungeons (and hope to win the bids), simply not worth the time and effort since there is no real end game content anyway except the stupid tower and raid zone.
  4. I have a question about my Force Master's Hongmoon weapon. My weapon was maxed to the point that when I used the breakthrough weapon, it would then require me to be level 20. So when I hit level 20 today, I used a purple version of the Bangel weapon to breakthrough to the next level. When I did so, my weapon is no longer called "Hongmoon .....", it changed to a purple "Awakened Blight ...." title. Was that supposed to happen or did I screw up? When I used the purple breakthrough item, the game made me type "Use" to confirm, but I figured that was because I could sell the purple weapon instead? Was the title supposed to change to a "Awakened" prefix?

    I heard ALT=F4 bypasses the queue!

    Shut the game down, reopen it as pay only, problem solved, kids asleep!

    You do realize you have NO CLUE what is going on, right?

    Go to bed, and read a book on grammar!
  9. Free Goodies for downtime

    If they give anything, it should be for premium only, hell with the cheap people!
  10. Add a few premium only servers

    Parents please put the kids to bed early! Thanks!
  11. Parent's please do everyone a favor and send the kids to bed early!
  12. Add a few premium only servers

    Lets talk about entertainment and value, as adults! 1. The average pay to play MMO is $14.99 a month. You will basically have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to the game except for short downtime periods like maintenance or unplanned downtimes which will get rare as time goes on. 2. The average cost (FOR THE TICKET ONLY) to see a movie is $8.33. Basically around 2 hours total entertainment, not including food, and your access is over! 3. The average cost for dinner for two is (and this is a CHEAP AZZ DINNER) $40! Once you and your date/friend eat the meal, your access to the food is over! So even a cheap azz loser out on a movie+dinner date is going to spend on average $25 (2 tickets, 2 drinks, 1 popcorn) + $40 for the cheap dinner (with no alcohol either) + pills (if you are Bill Cosby) will run you around $65 + gas! And that is for ONE NIGHT, not even ONE DAY of entertainment! Factor all that, and $15 for a FULL MONTH of entertainment becomes CHUMP CHANGE! Plus, if you are a mature adult, you already know that ONE NGHT out is going to be closer to $150 - $200, god forbid you want to go to a concert which could be HUNDREDS of bucks PER SEAT! So um.... premium fees are nothing! If $15 is too much for something you enjoy, then you have more serious RL issues honestly!
  13. Add a few premium only servers

    As if $15 a month was valuable! LOL Next time you leave your house and go out for a movie, or dinner, whatever.... Make sure to tell them you want free access to the movie and free food, you know, just to make sure you like it or not! LOL... $15 a month is nothing! If I spend $15 and hate the game, I simply stop subscribing!
  14. Add a few premium only servers

    Listen up folks, if they had premium servers, nobody would force you to be on them now would they? The fact is people who open their wallet support the game, someone who never spends money does NOT support the game. It is your choice if they did have premium servers to determine if you want to pay to be on them or not, so you have no reason to cry over it. Understand that this is the real world, which is driven by profit, NCSoft did not create the game to please people who do not want to spend money, they are a business and count on people spending money to support the game! Adding pay servers do not impact anyone who supports the game in any negative way whatsoever, and for those who never open their wallet, well just like in RL who cares about them. This is a game, it is not an entitlement! Nobody owes you anything! You simply choose to support a developer, or you don't, but don't expect to get anything in return either.
  15. Add a few premium only servers

    And I will do it again if I need to!