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  1. Hi there, Me and my girlfriend just randomly decided to start playing BnS again - I'm an absolutely oldschool player back from 2k16 while she never even really gave it a try. Some people told me nearly everything back from that time (pirate and siren weapons, I don't really remember anything else lol) are totally useless now or not even obtainable anymore. I read something about baleful and seraph weapons like those are the weapons where we gonna start upgrading now. There are so many videos out there I just don't trust since sometimes they are way too short and then there are videos from 2k17, but they seem to be old already :-D I'm just wondering what's the current path now, we both started new characters obviously (warlock and summoner if that's any important rn) and I want to know what we should wait for. Do we just buy baleful / seraph weapons with the coins until we got our 6 slot weapons? do we get those from the story? what jewellery should we wear, anything to upgrade or just play the story and see what we get? thanks for your help already! :)
  2. Was ist denn so schwer daran zu verstehen, dass Lags nicht immer am Nutzer liegen müssen? Auch die Server von NCSoft können mal Probleme haben ;-)
  3. Hallo, ich habe das Problem, dass das Spiel bei mir willkürlich abstürzt sobald ich Portale betrete. Da ich momentan noch Level 5 bin und das Ganze ziemlich oft passiert, aber leider nur bei bestimmten Portalen, komme ich natürlich nicht weiter. Gibt's hierzu bereits irgendeine Hilfestellung? Es laufen keinerlei Programme, welche auf das Spiel zugreifen bis auf HiAlgoBOOST um meine FPS ein wenig zu erhöhen, habe es allerdings auch schon ohne probiert, selbes Problem. OS ist Windows 10 Home. Liebe Grüße :^)