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  1. i'd like my money back plz

    I sent in a ticket for the wardrobe and friends problem just to help let them know and i know it isnt the fault of who replied but they were pretty much like we dont have an estimated time but when we do we will fix it in the next update.....and i want to be like ok so that is like one of the membership qualities not to mention my pvp outfits are in there soooo you pretty much are telling me that i'm wasting what i did pay until you can fix it....thanks i guess for the support..I mean i know problems happen but you didnt have anything better to say then that sadface.
  2. The game is worst after today's update!

    I want to give them chances because i waited soooo long for bns and i played the Russian and japan servers while waiting for this game. The Russian server was a private one and it was still better then this with better support. Get that it just came out (in America considering its been out in other countries for like everrr)but I've honestly never had so much hassle with a game as this one. I feel like they just keep trying to patch things up instead of actually fixing problems and making more problems for themselves.
  3. Wardrobe error

    I can from the cash shop
  4. Wardrobe error

    The reason the thought of it not being server side is prolly because out of all my friends who i play with im the only one having this problem andi would think it might be membership but i also had a member friend tell me hers was working also so maybe its just all the people ncsoft hate :P Just kitten
  5. Wardrobe error

    I feel like i should never get excited with them fixing something because afterwords something else is broke XD
  6. Wardrobe error

    I have this same issue along with i cant access my friends it says i have 0 of 0 online :/
  7. Can we keep outfits in the claim

    okies thanksies i just wanted to make sure
  8. Can we keep outfits in the claim

    soooo no time limit if its there for a year it's still there??
  9. Would like to hear it from the actual mods but I'm curious. I played warlock on the japan servers and i really loved the skills and animations and since it isnt here yet and im waiting patiently while playing other classes i was curious if like the outfit for daily dash and the Christmas outfits are bought can i just leave them in the claim til the warlock comes out or is there a time limit. I don't see it saying anything about them disappearing but i also don't want to just leave outfits in there for them to just be gone one day so i figured i'd ask to be safe. ;3
  10. Free Goodies for downtime

    The sad thing is that doesnt make any sense yes they did alterations but it's a game that is already been out for a year and ncsoft is not a beginning gaming company they have many of games and it's just a little discouraging. Yes we should respect that downtime is a given on a launch but a lot of people do put their money and time in and it would just be nice to get feedback that isnt just vague about all the problems. So far it just hasn't been very impressive and its sad. Do they have to give us free stuff no but its give and take and if they want to keep good customer service then they should think of how to please people just my opinion though =D
  11. Status Update On Forums Please?

    Yepp. It would be extremely nice if they did but they wont :/
  12. Server crash and mods choose to not update

    I agree i dont want to spend my like 20 mins trying to figure out where they posted these updates or even posted about the server being down. Why not post it on the forum for your own game and as for not getting updates from games it just makes a lot of people happy and i dont believe that EVERY person can be working on the problem so a little info to the people who are playing and paying the game would be nice =3.