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  1. Exellent job NCSoft now i get more time to IRL. things
  2. Same issue game client dont even try to start. just launcher on latest windows Clean install. Hope it not going to take ncsoft months to get this solved. Easy fix would be to remove xincrap or what ever its named since most people will bypass it anyhow and it just create problems for normal players just like crapguard did.
  3. Maybe they plan to add something like this?
  4. Time to spend some of that trove Money you milked from your players on real servers or just cancel the EU servers all alone.
  5. Stuck on connecting on character select this has happened Before guess some spent to mutch Money on trove and did not get what they wanted so they ddosed the server.. seams to Always happen when its trove....
  6. Meanwhile in Blade & Broken RNG. People still fail to see that trove never was for us players. Its just a fast way for NCSOFT to get your hard erned real money. To spend on something else then Blade & Soul apperenty. Since the server and game optimizeion and comunication with us players before mayor changes is still is missing since day one.
  7. But rng boxes works as intended!
  8. I dont see why the 20g option was removed. Current change makes at least my upgrades take 3-4 times longer due to the lack of soulstones and the lack of ways to get them outside of pvp and f10.
  9. I will just keep premium even though i dont realy see any real advantages after the latest changes.
  10. samething got vlast 1000 bla bla and disconnected now it says server iss currently undergoing maintenance. please try later.
  11. Have same issues 64bit client has double loadtimes vs 32bit client and also FPS lagg even when it show 90-120 FPS in game. And yes 32bit client dont have problems but will instead crash to desktop at random. Seams to me that the 64bit client has a memory leak but need more testning to verify this. Had no issues before level 55 update.
  12. The option is already ther to resive multiple unpacked items. So cant be that hard to implent the same for unpacking or just make it so items of same sort stack and let us selected all or a specific amount. To unpack/resive.
  13. Simple i wish they would make some kind of mentor system with good enogh rewards. So people would feel its worth the time going older dungeons. Daily Challenge dont realy help new or old players mutch. Since the rewards are trash.
  14. Also it seams bosses sence when your start to cast a ultimate and instantly target your. With the long cast time i think it should not be possible to interupt a ultimate in PVE. And yes the damage is way to low vs cast time.
  15. The sad thing with all off this is That they have a realy good game. But fails to manage it. If this would have happen over and over At for example my real life workplace heads would have been replaced. But seams the shareholders owners of NCSoft is fine with the situation.
  16. I will be playing the game have canceled my premium since its useless anyhow and will not speed real money anymore until NCSoft start ro respect their European playerbase.
  17. My self i unscribed and will wait and see if and what they will compensate us with.
  18. Gameforge.... hope it never happens they run ther games on even more trash servers... And you will probably need to buy a "goldpack" for real money to use Faction chat if they would run the game for EU. LOL
  19. This total incompetence every maintenace was part of why i left the game 2016/07 .. was hopeing something would have changed but i guess its stil the same hamster that power the server.... maybe get that one replaced and start over ?
  20. guess its something broken server side..... can login but then the game hangs on connecting forever.
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