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  1. While all of your analytical prowess are super adorable, I probably should've been more specific in the thread title. I shared this video in regards to those who complain about KFM counter and kick spam and to back up the quote. "Bruce Lee says to just do what is simple and effective. No need to be flashy or a showoff.". Basically, just do what works. Sure, this won't work against better opponents, but that bridge will be crossed and the quote will still be applied when it is reached. Why should we listen to Bruce Lee? If you really have to ask, you're probably too young or live an abnormally sheltered life. Start Googling :D
  2. "Bruce Lee says to just do what is simple and effective. No need to be flashy or a showoff."
  3. New to BnS pvp, fun so far but...

    Yeah, they're not stronger. I've seen a level 11 Assassin beat a max level Blademaster on stream. Having extra abilities would help which is why you should level at least until you have all or most of the abilities you need for PvP, and max level isn't necessary for that. Predictability and skill over everything else for the most part.
  4. All classes escapes guide

    You missed two of the summoner escapes. Couldn't quite understand through your accent when you said the first one, (leap back?) so I'll just tell all of them besides switch. Retreat, Second Wind, and Backstep. Backstep is their only escape besides Second Wind that can escape grapples when specced into tier 2. Also, all of their escapes work against a lot more than knockdowns but I'm guessing you wanted to keep it simple. Hopefully this video lessens the PvP complaints Nvm, read the comments
  5. Extremely offensive chat.

    No one is blind to it. The topic has been discussed numerous times within and outside of the gaming community, and its been done with B&S as well since it was released four years ago. Needless to say, most people are jaded about it right now and it only matters to those who enjoy bickering indefinitely at this point
  6. Extremely offensive chat.

    Let's be friends. IGN?
  7. Is Premium worth?

    dw newb I'll be your sugar daddy
  8. Extremely offensive chat.

    I'm a pretty responsible guy. I work and handle the mandatories of real life and keep a pretty positive social circle around me. My friends and I are in our 20s and discuss social issues from time to time. I'm empathetic when it counts the most and am always there for people, friends or strangers whenever they need help. I'm a pretty regular guy outside of my seemingly addictive gaming I guess. Now, why do I find his name and appearance hilarious and you don't?
  9. Remove the bid system.

    No, use the marketplace, it should be your main source of income. No, it isn't hard to make money. Farm breakthrough dungeon mats or breakthrough weapons, sell in stacks, major profit. And no, getting copper drops from mobs does not make things easier for premium players. Let me tell you man, I always sell my stuff lower than everyone else and it got me to 2g in about 2 days. This was me selling less than 10 items too. So that theories debunked. That's a level thing. Higher levels can do higher dungeons meaning the can sell mats that go for more on the market so they do have deeper pockets. Level up. Better luck next time. Dice roll is inefficient. It doesn't favor lazy people unfortunately
  10. Extremely offensive chat.

    Oh man, people still making these kinda threads for mmorpgs that cater to weebs who would also likely be memers and children.... I think it's fun. If you're taking offense to anything anyone says online man you should probs stick to single player games or just play this one that way by hiding chat. Pretty boring experience though
  11. Remove the bid system.

    It's balanced if you're not lazy as *cricket* and know how to use the marketplace. It's unbalanced if you do everything but try to make gold through farming mats people actually need. Mats which you can easily get outside of dungeons because most people are too lazy to do themselves. And tbh, I've never farmed anything besides my weapon. I always sell what I happen to have from drops and made over 2g from selling to the market starting about two days ago. So imagine farming for those mats and having a lot to sell.
  12. Is Premium worth?

    Premiums are supposed to have an edge, needless to say. Why people complain about something they should have known about long before the game was released baffles me. At least there are no signs of pay to win, it's just pay to do slightly less work
  13. Is Premium worth?

    People said similar things about BnS 4 years ago. How times have changed. Praising it so highly then knocking it once it's here and the hype dies down. Sadness...
  14. Is Premium worth?

    You get ahead in gold by selling stuff on the market. No one farms mobs for copper, that's super inefficient. I just bought premium yesterday and so far its had no effect on my gold gaining. I went from about 40 silver just from questing to ~2 gold from selling mats and weps people needed on the market in just a few minutes. This was before I got premium. Just learn to use the marketplace and farm if you're poor ezpz. Premiums getting exp only means they level faster. As far as advantage goes, it only costs 4 ncoins to buy mats off the ingame shop. That's less than $1. I never tried it though, they might not be tradable. If they were, I'd probably see bigger stacks of horns in the marketplace so I don't think the economy edge that huge. We do have an edge though, and we're supposed to. I have a non-premium friend who's much richer than me, a premium member because he spends a lot of his time farming and selling mats. Made over 10g in profit in about a day while I'm still on 1g. Depends on how you wanna play this game. It's irrelevant
  15. Server down or crashed ?

    Man, I knew I shouldn't have lied down earlier. I knew falling asleep was a bad idea. Now, I wake up to no bns. I didn't get to have my fix man. Life is hard. Life is suffering