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  1. Server Transfer

    I just realized that my server (Jiwan) is apparently a BR and RP server? I need to switch servers too since in the other game whenever i was in a server with these people they weren't serious about Endgame (mostly RP) idm brazillians that much but no endgame parties sucks + queue goes up to 3000 sometiems ; -;
  2. TERA online VS Blade and Soul

    This, And i played the greatsword guy and he was attacking 1 time every 3 seconds and i was like wtf how am i supposed to play
  3. TERA online VS Blade and Soul

    BNS imo, combat in tera feels slow
  4. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    i can barely get up there if i dont die
  5. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    sounds like elsword...
  6. Jiwan is a Brazilian server?

    I haven't seen that much BR or RP peoples in Jiwan.... Honestly though I find BR in EVERY NA game servers :/ are there BR servers for games or do they just join in a NA/EU game server?
  7. Which Server?

    Mushin is the fullest so you can expect some long queue times. Jiwan is like 3rd as far as i know
  8. PM me in-game my IGN is Roiya :)))))))))))))))))))
  9. Server down or crashed ?

    Only did jiwan cuz she hot lul
  10. Server down or crashed ?

    Reporting from Jiwan since no1 is from that server ; -;