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  1. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    I felt that BnS really started to go downhill with its money making practices when Silverfrost released. I still remember the day when the first RNG box was released ingame shop (I kinda even remember the audacity from NCWest to claim that there will be no RNG boxes ever), I think it was somewhere after the bloodshade harbour release? I mean koreans have BnS subscription so it shouldn't be that bad for them? The bad practices I mean. But I can be wrong. Ultimately this game was designed to be waifu bait with beautiful combat and scenery with money making machine ingame design.
  2. Bethany and Jonathan jumping ship

    Damn, I miss the old days now. 3 years already.
  3. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Despite me being a redditor etc, I don't hate u at all, some people are just mad and stupid. Mistakes happen to everyone. Good luck tho.
  4. Who's gonna replace them? Does this mean that no more streams? To be honest I would rather watch Beth searching for that inventory key rather than Nico (lead producer) talking monotonously. Give us passionate people!
  5. How about new players...

    The bottom line is, game will die since there will be no new players anymore. The only ones who sustain this game are the whales that stay true to their wallet and grind for some reason and take selfies with their clanmates. Game hasn't been fun for ages anymore. And they wont fix it cus "korean mmo duh, we take ur money bruh".
  6. This is just crazy what's happening in the marketplace. Gold gain is nonexistent and they keep introducing RNG boxes for materials basically. Really bad company.
  7. January 15-19 = 1 year celebration

    Probably discount for NCoins because ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ F2P right?
  8. New RNG box they need more money!

    Of course. But there's a catch. You can scare off F2P players with your stupid/greedy business model (leftovers are only whales). BnS is not a F2P game anymore thanks to grind and current business model. If you want to be relevant in the end game, you need to ready up your wallet and start paying. If you want to get to the end game as F2P you need to run lots of alts and play every day. That's the only way if you refuse to spend any real money on this game. I'm a F2P player myself but the difference is that I don't run alts. And progression starts to get really slow once you get past 500+ AP. All of my gear progression gold went to winter packs and now that they released RNG boxes again, I feel like I'm being ignored or just lead to the doorway by NCSoft. That's how I feel. And that's how they start losing players, F2P players. Soon this game will only consists of whales, I can assure you that.
  9. venture tokens

    Cus our BnS is free to play. Simple reason why we have so much RNG. How is NCSoft supposed to make money then if we had no RNG at all? F2P business model wouldn't work.
  10. I honestly want to know. This goes for low AP players who want to get "rich" somehow or ruin someones day. Because I personally can't do it. I know it's a game but I feel bad for joining these dungeons when I'm not really ready AP wise (or haven't checked YouTube for guide). And I also believe it's not efficient to leech these dungeons because it could take a pretty long time to finally find a good group from LFP (who literally carry your ass). Just interesting to hear your thoughts on this matter.
  11. Blade and Soul KR 2017 Update

    Soul aka. Chi aka. focus. It's a wide term and I don't mind them being called "soul gunners" or whatever. It's simply the thematic of this game.
  12. ... if they know what they're doing Which is fine. But after that it becomes a ridiculous grind. Unless you're paying with your credit card. There is no efficient way to push through 450+ AP cap right now. Everything is so damn expensive and takes months of farming. But then what? New content comes out again. With this new patch pouches and merchant got removed. Why? It was the most sane thing ever implemented for players who wanted to log in and do daily challenge, then log off. Getting something useful every day and maybe a chance to upgrade stuff in a few days of doing that shit? Why *cricket* with us like that? Also this new 24 man hub is a damn joke. Well played. Very damn fun area. How are new players going to survive the blast and carry on from there? You're just scaring your players away with this stuff. Really, like, these just blow people away. +1 goes to RNG too. It's like you wish for something, but you actually don't. In the end you still wont get anything you want. Keep swiping your cards people.
  13. Regarding NCoins

    Having same issue at the moment. I closed my browser to reopen it and checked email that I have 1 pending order from NCSOFT (which is okay). I hope I get my coins in a few hours. But this is ridiculous nonetheless. Why wait so long (it's not like every person is buying coins in seconds to overwhelm the system)?
  14. No. If you want to live that fantasy, go play Tera and make Elin reaper.
  15. Why do you still play this game?

    1. Boobs 2. Combat/animations/skills 3. PvP (which is pretty dead in our region but gotta believe) 4. Story is kinda okay