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  1. I was informed that the Grand Celestial 6 weapon is beating less than the Shadow Forge 6 weapon. If that is true, which weapon to use for Summoner?
  2. It was noted that when the Celestial Emperor Ring (stage 6) up for level 7, the game is not recognizing the Amara ring, even the player taking it in inventory, making it impossible to up. The fact was reported to the support and awaiting solution.
  3. Hello! I've been thinking of something to boost the game in a way that would make it even more interesting. Nothing against the innumerable innovations that come from Korea, however, over time they end up becoming dull (personal opinion). By observing the various existing MMORPGs, including some from NCSoft itself, battles involving existing clans, maps, castles, etc. (at the developers' discretion) could be entered into the game, where winners would have exclusive access to new dugeons. These achievements would offer compensatory loot (also at the discretion of the developers). These ba
  4. Hello! I suggest the possibility to put the gem drop box level 20 (Eptagonal Gem Chest) (Zaiwei Event - Ralloween) accessible to all characters in the account and not just the main character. This application aims to assist the weaker characters existing in the same account, given that the principal often discard such gems because they do not need these items.
  5. Divine Grace Stone Bound to Account now !!!!!!!
  6. Currently the Divine Grace Stone, item necessary for the creation of Soul Badge would be legendary, it is not Bound to Account, preventing the secondary characters, all pertaining to account, they can transfer the mentioned item to the main character. Given the above, I request to verify the possibility of being inserted in the next update of the game Divine Grace Stone as Bound to Account. Thank you.
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