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  1. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    You can't though, you fill that up fast and if you unblock them to block another you just trade spam of one for another. 50 blocks maximum.
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Maybe I should put together a nice time lapsed and time stamped 6 hour video of any of the MMO's I currently have installed to show you and NCsoft the difference between how unlimited blocks vs. limited blocks effects bot/spammer frequency. Claim it to be anecdotal and hearsay all you'd like but it comes from experience. Which is a lot better than attempting to bait a post. It would be a massive waste of time if it doesn't get NCsoft's attention, especially if it only works to quell a few inexperienced peoples opinions but hey. If the botting issue continues I'll likely do it for the attempt at very least. I like this game, just not their method of failing miserably at dealing with a problem that has been dealt with on a resounding majority of other MMO's no matter what the payment model.
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It has worked in some old games to do stuff like that, though rather than spending the in-game currency they used larger amounts of in-game currency or even a cash shop item to use a 'shout' consumable that sends global messages for a price. They still try to sell gold with them, but not nearly as often. They also hardly ever get multiples of said item cause once they get blocked on the initial use it was likely a huge waste of time/money.
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I've never seen a F2P MMO that doesn't have this problem. I don't see a bigger block list making a difference; on a F2P MMO the accounts you're blocking are probably replaced on an hourly basis anyways. You could spend every second you're logged on blocking people and you'll never keep up with them. An in-game GM wouldn't be able to do anything, and it would be a complete waste of money to have someone doing that 24/7, and explain how you'd go about chat restricting spammers? A bot test is the most obvious solution and the only one that could even put a dent in this. I dunno, you're denying long term and effective solutions that have kept other games clean for years and I'm not seeing anything but a suggestion for adding a feature that would take time, effort, and money to develop and maintain. Where as simply allowing people to block problem accounts would make it at least bearable for their playerbase. As far as the 'refresh rate' of bots you aren't going to spend all day blocking them every second of your time. I also challenge you to find one game with unlimited block lists where you actually have to do that. I guarantee with ease and confidence that if the game has an unlimited blocklist you might have to block a wave of bots daily at worst. That's the cute thing about leaving something automated to do your work for you, nobody to realize it's no longer effective. Also your 'bot check' solution isn't effective and doesn't work. Log out and create an NC account to see why. (Protip : it's already being used and fails miserably) Anything else in-game would be game altering and they are years past the point of no return on developing additional features like that.
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I know any other MMO with an unlimited block list doesn't have this issue and every limited friends/block list MMO has this issue. 50 slots encourages someone who easily runs multiple instances of a F2P game to make 51 to be heard guaranteed. They are currently asking for the problem they have.
  6. Banned... -_-

    How bout we remove that bogus 50 slot limit on your block list so players can actually play without having to see the bots 24/7 we fill that up in 15-30 minutes of playtime right now. It's not rocket science to figure out the people using the bots to spam gold selling to be like... hmmm only 50 blocks, maybe if there were 51 people sending messages our ads could get through? The current system literally encourages a large number of bots.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    There is a simple solution to resolve the massive spammer issue... unlimited block list. They know up front that if there are 51 bots spamming you can't ban all of them. Now if only NCsoft could get that through their heads.
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Take the stupid bs limit off of the block list = win. Screw all the automated stuff lets just make it possible to actually work the problem out ourselves, then the people running the bots won't ransack the server with the mentality of "Oh lol they can only block 50 of us so lets put 51+ on the server"
  9. Banned... -_-

    Lol they don't even ban the obvious bots/spammers so I'm curious to what their disposition would be to actually ban someone.
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I dunno if we took the limit off of the blocklist that would be the best long term solution. Any tune ups on the prevention of using said unlimited blocklist would be cool but only 50 slots fills up fast when the gold spammers breed like rabbits and know you can't block all of them.
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Amazing pro idea right here... DONT CAP BLOCKS, 50 BLOCKS IS NOT ENOUGH. Oh... would that fix the issue? Sorry, you're only allowed to block 50 people, granted you fill that list in 15-30 minutes of gameplay we're keeping it that way.
  12. I'm on Juwol as well and am unable to block the spammers that remain. This needs to not be a thing...
  13. This needs attention from NCsoft hardcore.
  14. Friends/Block list error.

    Still having issue, unsure if this is NCsoft forcing you to view gold selling ads or if there is a fix incoming?
  15. Friends/Block list error.

    So for some reason there's hundreds/thousands of gold selling bots littering the game but only 50 slots to block them with? Can we add unlimited block slots for premium users, or maybe include it free since there's absolutely no reason to limit the amount of people you can block?