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  1. 30 legendary jewel alone will not be able to upgrade legendary necklace to stage 10. The approximate amount needed until stage 10 would be around 50-60 legendary jewel. Mind you that breakthrough on stage 5 requires same material costs for evolving it on the first stage. The breakthrough accessory would be Oblivion Necklace which also drop from Desolate tomb. As for now, you probably want to salvage your true python necklace (effective after 24th August patch) if you managed to get your hand on Draken Necklace. Because there might be possibility that in the future we will be given option to salvage legendary necklace and turn them into legendary jewel. For new-coming players, this legendary necklace is huge stat boost and wallet-friendly. But for veterans who already upgraded to true python necklace, it is a huge loss because the approximate cost for making a single true python necklace is around 1k-1.2k gold.
  2. Enrage Timers

    Enrage timers solely exist so people get motivated to upgrade their gears for faster or better run (sometimes to skip some of the bosses mechanics) *P.S: and also to encourage whales and elitist to request for 600AP+ for naryu labyrinth and 700AP+ for asura. kappa
  3. Fastest attack speed class

    Up until now, I still see Lyn Blade Dancer as the class with fastest attack speed (Only if you got super low ping + good at ani-cancelling) Here I tried assassin before, but its attack speed isn't as fast as my current LBD, sooooo...