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  1. Just came here after a month to revive this post and show everyone here that problems persist and didn't even come close to being solved, I've seen thousands of post related to bots, lags and conflicts with GG also leading to unfair bans, get your conclusions guys. Recently, I saw a good developer/publisher(I*C) change their plans about an OBT for pressure of the community that opened the ways to CHAT and discuss with us(consumers). You don't need to accept everything that comes to you neither swallow a bad enterprise's service, there's tons of good games out there, So
  2. So here are my statements for you: -When I say reaching lvl cap is easy is by the means on how easily and no rewarding the game is itself, I would rather play a game where I need real grind for stuff I really NEED and has its USELFUNESS for PvP than a game that's a joke when comes to this. And as an experienced MMORPG player I can say that NO, not every mmorpg starts at max lvl, you are totally wrong, THESE NEXT GEN MMORPGS starts in max lvl, try some old games to see how hard you get stuff and how hard is to get lvl cap, and when you get there, the game is pratically over(e.g. Priston Ta
  3. Well, I've seen many complains about this game and I agree with most of them. Also want to know the reason(s) of those who quit the game or are thinking about it. I'll give the first one, let me introduce: Hello, my ign is Rogu and I've played on Master Hong. I was expecting for this game since the announced the project in KR (like maybe 10 yeas ago?) and so on now it released I feel sad for it. I have played since the official release here(19th January) and I enjoyed alot the game until last 2 weeks when I realized it's not worth my time at all. Well, these are the reasons I quit:
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