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  1. I don't feel any pull to keep playing.

    Sounds like a wee one. Shush.
  2. Late game is mostly farming for better weapons and the new content doesn't really pull me since it's only adding levels and more materials for upgrading weapons. What is the joy of grinding? What are we grinding for? Is what I ask myself when I farm dailies and Blackwyrm and it does get boring after awhile. Faction PvP is utterly boring since there isn't much to battle for with Channel limits how can an opposing faction challenge the other when the channel gets full? Aka Blackwyrm. Small scale battles are really boring. I only played since I duo with my friend and he bought me premium as we duo dungeons Lv45 as well since they're that easy. I wonder what pulls other players to keep playing this game. What key things interest you to keep playing? If you're a new player I can see why you're still playing.
  3. In my eyes. It's the Destroyer with the spin2win that has sustain and focus gain and being immune to cc while spinning. I like my summoner and I don't think it's that strong since people mostly complain about the cat. xD Anyone else? What class do you think is strong?
  4. They don't seem to have the survivibility and sustain that the Destroyers have. PvE wise. Are they just merely PvP type of class on this game?
  5. Get off the forums guys :P

    Oh yeah. The fun thing about it that it's easier when you get tuned to a schedule.
  6. Get off the forums guys :P

    Second post. I'm literally going to bed now. I'm done being a weirdo on the forum. I got farming to do when I wake up.
  7. End game farming.

    First unequip your faction gear and surf the channels until you see friendlies from your faction farming and do your faction daily with them or farm along side them. I feel your pain when players just want to kill everything.
  8. Character Alteration Voucher

    No you cannot.
  9. Doing the dailies will help you, but I never go back to the really old ones as just progressing through the story would be faster to level up for you. I only do the dailies for resources like keys and whatnot.
  10. Never believe or listen to people review games. Remember if they aren't paid to review they'll bash it.
  11. Let me draw your Lyn

    Flowey in Jiwan
  12. Get off the forums guys :P

    But but but... I'm bored. *Cries* I'll just go to bed. I am staying up too late.
  13. Gardroben Funktion

    Maybe it will happen in the future? After all it's still a toddler coming to NA.
  14. Wah wah wah. Merry had a little lamb. You're not the only one who has premium. Like any other little kiddo. You deserve nothing and ain't entitled because you put money on a game.
  15. Premium Memberships

    True, but come on. Asking for an extension on premium is just stupid. There are plenty of other things you can ask for. Like some gold.