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  1. Please have some manners people

    people actually buy the scale..?? eh Zaeiwei ruins and all..
  2. Since i cant make a ticket, HEY GUYS LOOK AT THIS

    Are they still doing bw? i will go mess with them if so :D
  3. Faction Imbalance

    i will agree with the OP. How juwol ssp was before merge was good, both factions got ssp and both factions had fun ruining the other. i love the pvp aspect of ssp and pretty much the whole game.. when there isn't 10000000 crims though. Yes reds love the fact that they can mine 24/7 but they also are becoming bored and frustrated that there is only 2 channels and half of them wont get the credit for the kills, on top of that with how much ceru ruin their mining now they dont get any where as many keys (yey for us). Ncsoft should of thought about merging both low population and faction domination, these problems and the people quitting wouldn't of happened. If they bring out server transfer, i think a lot will move to the faction of their choice which is stronger although i rather move (if i ever did) to another equalish server like juwol was so the fun can begin again.. but i haven't seen ncsoft say they were bringing transfer out unless someone can provide me a link. We have had a few stronger guild *cricket* out and move to crim just so they can farm ssp even though majority of their gear is maxed out which has left ceru even worse off than when the merger happened. I know they won't unmerge the server and the only thing Ncsoft will do is put moonstones in item mall and bring out server transfer which really sucks, all this could if been avoided with some proper care before hand. And to those who cry about the pvp of this game and say they have arena, tag, 6v6 etc.. play a different game where there isn't open world pvp, im sure there are many around eg hello kitty <3
  4. Juwol is an all Red server now. It used to be fairly balanced, until level 50 patch. The faction transfer either should never have been allowed or made it harder eg; farm 400 x certain UNTRADEABLE item from some instance+ 150g cost + 1 time only AND/OR a mall item costing X amount of NC. This way it would of stopped people changing all the time, and only those who were completely devoted to changing would actually put the effort into it. It seems on Juwol that reds were always full but war was always balanced and i feel as those wanting to move to red have then moved their red alts to blue to make room for their main on red.. i don't know. It said Even, but its certainty isn't. Now there is no Red "time, Blue "time, it is always Red no matter what. Win by numers I like the pvp in this game, perhaps they should of made pve servers and pvp servers.
  5. I got this from this thread. It seem to work I have found a fix. I have Win 10 64 bits and I had the same problem. Hope it works Right click on Blade & Soul shortcut. Properties. Compatibility. Compatibility mode Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 7 Settings Run this program as an administrator.
  6. I'm getting the same thing :\
  7. Stupid maintenance time

    This time is great! Better than it used to be :3
  8. NA vs EU

    >.> what are you bitching about. It's 9pm whenever they do maintenance here where i am, so 5 hours later it will be 2am (i am not going to stay up to 2am and wait). Most people play in the late afternoon into the night, which means i only get about 4 hours of game play before maintenance. And you're crying that the maintenance is in the middle of your day.. you can still play after its done. ITS THE END OF THE WORLDDDDD!!!!! :'(
  9. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    It's annoying :\
  10. maintenance

    I like ecchi..
  11. maintenance

    It's annoying for my time as it's currently 9pm.. It wont finish till 1am for me *sad face*
  12. Oceanic players unite!

    Oh, the char on the right looks like mine.. slow :3