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  1. Ok, but even the elven race turn to the dark chi at the end of the story, so your "muh lore" argument is irrelevant.
  2. If "it's been done this way before" is a legitimate excuse, why is "every other race has an exclusive class" not?
  3. Really? This isn't sexualized? how about this? Or this? Just a few of several equally appalling examples.
  4. NC, can we PLEASE do something about party lead being able to change loot mode? There's no reason to even run the dungeon if people can do this shit.
  5. Because I don't want to be forced to play a child to play a class.
  6. So still no exclusivity. Got it. Lyn favoritism.
  7. Regardless, the argument here is every other race has exclusive classes (Lyn get TWO), Yun get absolutely *nothing* exclusive right now, and then you're going to tell me they don't even get access to the new class? Why even have them in the game, then?
  8. I hate how childish the Lyn look, especially with how sexualized some of the outfits are (and their second dance is not OK on so many levels. Their first one is just adorable). Gnomes at least look like adults in most games.
  9. But from a game mechanics perspective, right now there's no real reason to play Yun.
  10. Mass Salvage

    Would be nice, half the time right now I just sell the soul shield packs cuz I don't wanna deal with the ordeal of salvaging
  11. Lyn already have 2 exclusives, they don't need another *cricket* thing. You know who doesn't have exclusives? Yun - and they still don't get warlock?
  12. Allow us to bail out of bidding

    How about we just go to a need>greed system, at least for class weapon drops, so dickheads don't jack up the price on weapons they obviously don't need?
  13. Why the *cricket* do Lyn need anything else?
  14. [Request] Block, In combat, Master loot change

    The leader can change the loot type to master looter during combat and take all the drops or distribute them amongst friends. Personally I feel a vote system should be put in place for changing loot mode.
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I'm 90% sure they're using a pinguin / IRC client to connect to the chat. I'd run some tests but I don't think NC would listen and I don't care enough.