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  1. On the quest where you kill crabs with the speargun on a beach the speargun no longer shoots after you kill the giant crab. You have to kill the remaining crabs from your 50 with your skills.
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Yeah, mine is more a blur and then they'll stop for a few seconds until more come back.
  3. After Patch Problems

    I had the error issue. One other person said that this didn't help them, but it may help you. It was suggested to me to delete the GameGuard folder, but I was left with 2 files that wouldn't delete from the folder. Went to my task manager and found that BnS and nProtect were running in the background even after I had closed out. Ended process and restarted.
  4. Help! Error 4049

    I posted this on another thread, but it may help people here as well. I'm on Windows 10 and was getting the error. Someone had suggested deleting the GameGuard folder and so I tried it out, but it left me with two files in the folder I couldn't do anything with. Come to find out through my task manager BnS and nProtect were still running in the background. Stopped the process and restarted. Worked for me.
  5. Error 4049?

    While trying to do the fix the Yuukkii posted, I was unable to delete a couple of files in the GameGuard folder. Went to my Task Manager and saw nProtect and BnS still running some how in the background. Ended that, restarted BnS and that worked for me.
  6. Error 4049?

    Same here.