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  1. @swpz Now, i'm not exactly a pro BNS player or anything, but as far as i know more than 3 key presses a second is totally a viable thing. I mean, just look at all the ani-cancelling in games like League of Legends, and the insane BPMs of games like Osu. And i'm not trying to say that macro'ing doesn't boost DPS but, honestly i don't really think that they provide THAT much of a DPS boost for what they do. Yes, they do allow for multiple accurate key presses in quick succession repeatedly, but as far as I know, it isn't actually so far away from human standards. Like most people I know get like a 10-20% DPS boost at most, and that's without considering that macros can screw up your rotations quite a fair bit later on in the game where rotations get increasingly complex. In fact, I do know someone (A Shadow Gunner BTW, so you can't claim that he's not playing a ranged class) who loses 10-20k when he leaves it to macro, and isn't manually ani-cancelling, because the timings of skill presses can quite easily go out of sync. And honestly speaking, some parts of the game are quite tiring to play without macros. I mean, just look at Wind Summoner, Ice Force Master and Earth Destros in PVE. Their main rotation basically consists of them spamming LMB/RMB. Is it easy to macro it? Yes. But it's not exactly hard to just spam your mouse to get the same effect either. Just that it tends to end in cramps when it comes to raids like BT/VT where you're spamming it over hundreds of times, or over a long duration of play.
  2. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    Not in hard mode, where you need to be to reliably farm elysian orbs. This comment by Montage really bring out the crux of the problem.
  3. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    @Grimoir I understand that it may be more easy for experienced players such as yourself (who can easily get into parties and is able to clear the higher-end dungeons like EC, DT, outlaw, etc consistently), would find it easier to obtain such materials like moonstones and elysian orbs. Indeed, i did mention in the OP that older players definitely would have the spare resources to craft them in excess. However, these things are not made anywhere as easily available to new players who are unable to farm ECHM for elysian orbs, or get slaughtered in PVP over and over in the hopes of finding one match where they get carried to their weekly moonstones. Perhaps you should try creating a new account, and re-level to where you are now, without the aid of your clan or your main, as it may help you understand some of the frustration that new or returning players face, especially with the gold in lower dungeons being reduced restricting our access to purchase what lacking materials we need under the idea that we can "easily" farming the celestial basin for the void fragments that are now recommended (which is nowhere near fun on a new character without a party to help) And while I do understand your argument about weapon upgrades not being RNG being much better than in other servers, it feels more like speaking from the point of view of how "This server isn't worse", rather than how "This server can be better", which is what i'm trying to discuss : Is PTS being RNG good? Would it be better if it wasn't? How would it need to be implemented to be fair? or perhaps ask "Why do people think PTS being RNG to craft is bad and how do we fix that?" I understand that i may not be the best speaker out there, but i do hope that you can see that i'm not just trying to get things easy. I wouldn't mind if they doubled the resource require to make the PTS a 100% chance at sucess, since that would basically balance out the cost/benefit of transmuting one. I do enjoy playing the game, but i feel some of the RNG is a disservice to the game, so i'm looking for ways, and people to help better come up with solutions, whether or not the devs implement them. Edit : It seems i have missed your second post, let me write up another response to that.
  4. As the title says, i've always wondered why PTS are RNG, considering that they're a key component for upgrading your weapons/accessories after a certain point. If it's meant to be a way to gate end-game players from upgrading too quick compared to lower geared players, then it's totally whacked up, considering end-game players are the ones who often have the spare gold/resources to buy/craft in bulk so it doesn't hurt as much when they fail, where as lower geared players have to scrap through to get barely enough gold to buy them(and they are expensive, even with the little that is needed early on) as crafting them is too costly unless they have god-like RNG There might be some other reason that PTS being RNG might be acceptable for the game, but in any case, i can't see them, and I also can't see why the cost of PTS can't just be scaled up while making it 100% success rate (like almost every other transmutable item). What do you guys think? As a side note, I think PTS being RNG to transmute is also pretty bad for it's economy. Because it's RNG, people advice other note to craft and buy instead, but over time, if this mindset spreads then eventually people will stop trying, and this will result in the few people left who are still transmuting to be able to charge exorbitant prices for them. (Though admittedly, this might create a new mindset where crafting is cheaper, but it will still end up artificially jacking up the price of PTS)
  5. @Kanadine Time zone differences. Check again.
  6. TL;DR : This is a salt post. Feel free to ignore my pain. So today i just so happened to have the time to sit through about 6 hours of farming Lycan the Mighty, for a total of about 200+ essences. Sounds insane? Well, the drops weren't. Honestly, with the amount of essences rolled, I'd expect AT LEAST a whole costume set : Outfit + the 2 adornments. So i've come here to complain. But on a more serious note, for costume items like these, the RNG can be a bit too volatile. This case is definitely extreme, but it's NOT a lone case. There are (and possibly will continue to be) posts similar to this because of the random outlier who has really bad luck, where the usual player gets it in waaaay less runs. As much as this isn't really a huge problem for majority of the player base, for the few who get abandoned by RNG, it can really suck. Now i know people will say "costume items are for free so you shouldn't complain about not getting it". That's NOT the point of this post. The point is that there are a FEW people who have EVEN WORSE luck than MOST of the people who might need some help, and NOT that the drop rates are too low or anything. Honestly, i'm kind of sick of how bad RNG can be for some people, and i'd like some improvements. A suggestion would be to copy Hearthstone's "pity system". In Hearthstone, there are card rarities ranging from common to legendary. Needless to say, Legendary cards are extremely hard to get. HOWEVER, they do have a system where the more packs opened, the higher the chance to get a legendary card in the next pack, till it eventually reaches 100% and they get a legendary. Then it resets. Now, i understand that the other versions of the game do not have this function, but i really, really, really, strongly feel that this will be more beneficial for the game than harmful. I'd suggest something similar to that, except that they get the parts that they do not have yet. Lucky people will stay lucky, but the not so fortunate will at least eventually get what they want, instead of having to run these fights indefinitely. Now, i'm pretty sure this will never be implemented, and i'm not so illusioned as to think that this is anything more than a salt post, but i really hope that this might be added in to the game. If anyone has read to this point, thanks