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  1. Suggestion: DC handling

    Dear devs, Please change the game so that being disconnected from the server just drops you back into the character select screen rather than exiting completely. This would make it far simpler to join an existing instance.
  2. Opened a couple of moonwater offering weapon chests. The weapons I got our cannot be salvaged. I think this is a small bug. Loving the game still, so thanks and keep up the good work.
  3. Did you have the mouse send Numpad 1, etc and bind those to the relevant skills in game or did you have the Logitech software pretend to be the c, x, v, etc keys? I can imagine these anti-cheat software getting confused if you did the latter.
  4. My friend has a similar problem. She was gifted 90 day premium membership and still cannot send mail. Support just sent the FAQ page which wasn't any help.
  5. Same thing happened to me this evening. Twice I got a group for narrows. Both times I was kicked back to character select.
  6. Hello, I gifted premium membership to my friend. The gift work fine and the got the premium perks, but they are still unable to send in-game mail. It still states that they have to make an NCoin purchase to send mails. This must be a bug.
  7. Profane Shroud not in wardrobe

    Hey, The Profane Shroud outfit from Profane Jiangshi does not have a slot in the Wardrobe. Please have it added. Thanks.