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  1. Crashing at loading screens

    +1 I'm also having this problem (stuck at loading 70% then DC) Can't continue the main story is really bad and make me so upset.. :(
  2. At chapter 30(Silver Frost) Disconnect everytime

    I'm also having this problem. After click on the dragon pulse, my character go to another place for a few sec and then the loading screen suddenly 75%, its stuck there until it DC by itself :( Try to repair files, restart, update my driver, etc but still it doesn't working.
  3. Yes I've tried your methods but its still not working. Well I'll just play with dailies Quest until they fix it.. :(
  4. same problem here.. I'm still stuck at loading screen 70% then it just disconnected after few minutes.. trying minimal graphics and windows mode display, etc, but still not working.. -__-
  5. A new class I'd like to see

    IMHO amazon class would be better.. i mean it could use spear or bow like a ranger class..
  6. cannot log in

    just when i have my free time to play BNS and i realized that i cant enter the game... So amazing.. -___-
  7. Server down or crashed ?

    omg NA server still down? gezz...