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  1. Mobs keep reseting

    I play warlock (If it matters) and i noticed that when i am soloing dungons (like brightstone) whenever i use my soul shackle on the bosses or mobs they tend to reset no moatter how close i am to them. i can bring down half their hp and unless they are hitting me constantly they reset its rather annoying. it has been happening for a while now and my guild mates who are warlocks are haveing the same problem. plz fix!!!
  2. This class is a joke.

    you do realize once we get the hongmoon skill and spec for dragoncall and time distortion we can do about 200k damage over the 3 seconds of time distortion right... thats why warlocks are not "underpowered" we do insane damage thats all im trying to say here
  3. Faction Balance?

    yeah that is true but its the same in every channel and if you do find some ch that even u kill a blue 1v1 they call backup and the ch is filled with blues so fast reds just arent able to get anything done anymore...
  4. This class is a joke.

    u guys are just trash i do the highest amout of dmg in my guild and we all have around the same ap plus the dragon helix is mobile if being still is a problem dragon call is more stationary but high damage if u have hm skill book so go learn the class b4 u start complaining
  5. Character beauty contest for fun
  6. Mob Resetting

    i noticed useing soul shakles at the start of a fight causes enemys to just give up on you unless they are withing range to hit you anoying i know but to help survive i recommend investing into the block or evasion stats as well as crit to help survive
  7. Faction Balance?

    Will factions get more balanced in the Jiwan server because if you are a crimson player it is difficult to progress through your dailies without fighting mobs of players in every channel, because the cerulean's are over populated. i dont mind pvp because i can win a 1v1 or even 1v2 sometimes but its impossible if you run into like 7 players at once every 10 seconds. please do something about this because its getting out of hand.
  8. Golden Deva Weapon Bug

    So ive been farming golden deva for days now on my alt and after 2 days of farming i finally get my lynblade and i go to upgrade my weapon with it and it disappears with no upgrade applied to my weapon this also happened when i was leveling my force master and blade master please fix this. its getting frustrating since i farmed this for so long.
  9. Too many classes are OP

    and im a blade master fyi
  10. Too many classes are OP

    im not the only one who is saying this tell me that is not bs
  11. Please nerf destroyers/summoners/assasins the destroyers get too many i-frames plus a infinite cc while attacking at that and a pretty big heal. Summoners can absorb 100% damage they deal with their flower stun lock u to the floor with cat, also heal their cat lock you in place. its basically 2 v 1. Assassins get too many escapes with blind all they do is stealth heart stab, lightning peirce over and over and blind when needed. these classes are way too unbalanced. It get frustrating that all these classes get rewarded so much and most of them are not truly skilled.