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  1. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    sad that with all these stuff doubt ncsoft will even care... if they did they would have done something by now..

    im also from the asia region and getting the same ping as u are using wtfast... if u find a better ping booster pls post it hir
  3. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    bump hoping and wishing to every god out there that a mod will reply with an answer to this or hope to what ever god ncsoft worships that they will answer this on there twitch channel..
  4. (3001)(183)

    same.. im getting random dcs with that same thing for some reason
  5. Swordsman Hat droprate

    59 runs so far (doing dailys) outfit: 4 hat:2 yes to.. i wanted the ornaments but for another hat >.> all i can say is rng.. 1 of hte guildie got it on hsi 1st run.. the others 50-100+ runs still nothing
  6. Increased Ping after new patch?

    nah its not on my side as most of my guildmates are also having increase in ping... @lokim your from the US? my guildmates not from the US are experincing ping increase after the patch
  7. and ppl wonder why ncsoft doesnt try to fix there game seeing as if they just ignore all the cries of bots and hackers ppl will still give them alot of moneys aslong as they put in events like these or new outfits :3..
  8. Daily dash

    lol devs are on the move? dont u mean ncsoft bots?
  9. Increased Ping after new patch?

    huh gues its not just me seeing the ping increase.. dunnu if its failguards doing or just ncsoft *cricket*ing up on the patches and not caring about optimization while adding new stuff
  10. i cant wait till ppl start using speedhack in pvp.. imagine a tournament hosted by ncsoft where players fight like in those dragonball z fight scenes.. would be cool and entertaining as hell
  11. wishful thinking if ncsoft even cares at all.. all they want is to catch up to the other servers so THEY can join in on those tournaments... that from what i hear is why ncsoft is rushing everything.. they want in on those esport tournaments... and about the issues doubt they will fix it.. they probably trying to catch up while just milking the players while waiting for the game to die ... its very obvious with how they are handling all the problems.. from fps to ping to bots to hackers .. nothing has changed.. the game just gets more unplayable as each patch hits in my case btw on that reply chiken posted.. thats a friking automated reply.. i have reported a couple of hackers and bots only to see the same reply that theyr "security" system (if u can call it that) has banned alot of hackers a week.. and yet the person i reported speedhacking is stil playing for 2 weeks now.. also the investigating reply is getting old.. NCSOFT pls make a new automated reply as seeing the same thing everything is getting obvious that you DONT have a single support team just bots (see what i did there?)..
  12. Economy

    u buy with ncoin but u get HM coins if u sell gold..
  13. as the title says .. has any1 noticed a increase in ping after the new update? my ping went from 150-180 ish to 220+.. cant be my net since its been like this since the patch hit and my net is still the same on other games... i know this is useless to report hir since ncsoft doesnt give a damn on the players but since wondering if its just me thats experiencing this problem..
  14. Economy

    and as Shuchin said.. prem isnt in hongmoon section but only in the ncoin section so doesnt matter how much HM coins you got u wil never get prem
  15. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    nah they dun give a damn.. make a ticket and they wil jsut tel u they will investigate for eternity...