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  1. Server down or crashed ?

    A dagger lol i made it in like 2 mins XD
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    Hell yeah i did XD
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    50% of the butthurt people on this forum ;)
  4. Server down or crashed ?

    nuff said
  5. Server down or crashed ?

    Its 2 hours down, who gives a shit. Sit back, watch a movie, and stop crying about it. This stuff was bound to happen considering how many people are playing this and the fact that its a brand new game. Relax and un-rustle your jimmies :P Its just a game.
  6. Entered PIN, game stuck on the moving background

    Guys the Moderators and Admins have alot to deal with atm. They are more than likely trying their hardest to get the servers back up and fix the problem that is causing this.
  7. OMG WTF BnS got haxorz... LoLer Box

    I smell a DDos possibly?
  8. I think its getting Ddosed. considering i have buddies in the game and theyre saying its getting worse and worse. Faction chat just went down. so did party finder. This isnt good. Oh and we now cant obtain any items from quests.