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  1. so ive played this game for ever now, and ever sense tower came out and ive got to floor 7 i always crash for no damn reason, like i can play all day and then try to do tower and randomly crash, this doesnt happen all the time but it does alot on 7th floor like tf? do i have to fix something? am i the only one having this stupid crash
  2. Bots Are Getting insane.

    thank you all for the comments, what they need to do is start making some GM to join the game and check out things are and kick all those bots they see walking around, i get we just got the game but yet again i hear nothign from nsoft telling me to shut up we are working on it thats all i want to hear from them, it doesnt hurt to have some people really check this out, its just not fun for me when i want to sell or buy something and i cant sense bots are selling it for broken prices just kills me
  3. Bots Are Getting insane.

    so 1st it was a few bots here and there. Now i see super stupid, see over 50 in one place Profane is one, pvp has bots now in damn gold lol now DAMN E FLEET! so i cant run it and have to kill pohoran with only few other people sense bots take up all the damn room i wish to know if Nsoft - Blade and soul is doing anything about this??? like this is getting really stupid you guys need to work on taking that program out, at this point it seems like i see the same bots all over no matter how much i block or report, the money spammers are one thing but to not be able to do other things its just to much alot of people dont care in pvp sense its "free beans" but how is it fair for others who cant enjoy the pvp sense bots can use ESCAPE in damn pvp liek tf? you cc them and they vanish? who thought it was a great idea to add escape to PVP arena!?
  4. No Prestige Points?

    my level 39 can still farm in the scorching sands i farmed there about 4 days ago now im not getting anything there on my lower level lol, they must of up the level for areas @papragu
  5. No Prestige Points?

    took me a while to notice, so i want to know if any of you also have this going on? i was in scorching sands trying to farm for the outfit at the factions area in the big hole. i got about 32 insignias and not 1 prestige point, keep in mind i didnt get downed, i took outfit off and on to see if it fixed, nothing ran up to the little camp killed npc nothing.*relog nothing* If its broken do please look into this dev team
  6. my skills make sense for the most part, why not look up video on explanations? and they are in fact working on a new hud and stuff for the skills
  7. Show off your characters!!

    this is how you take a picture
  8. Game Down For 30 hours?!

    yeah i know im just messing lol, i wanted to see how many people would rage on post
  9. Game Down For 30 hours?!

    yo tf that is super long, did the game break? or you adding the things early? because if not that is some really bad dev team
  10. Crimson Clan

    Hello! ReMade a Clan Name Crimson Void, We Are friendly Helpful clan willing to help anyone who joins great active friendly clan mates NOT LOOKING FOR LONEWOLFS but you can go about doing what you wish lol we have things worked out for clan we run end game stuff together any clan member is welcome PVE - PVP not forced to PVP but welcome to join us in the open world fights or arena Any level active welcome, but perf 30+ of course we will help any lower levels , We welcome the growth in the clan the more people the better Webpage - in clan notice Voice program - Discord Pm one of us, for more info or just comment here! ill be sure to check it also leave a comment here if you wish to ask anything else Clan Level : 4 *Update: almost 5 clan #: 55 * 60 max Fatal Slayer - Lady Raine - Fatal Void - Collbrande - Mitzuki senpai
  11. Trash war

    no lie i think this is a good idea, just add it as *playername* is trying to revive you do you accept, but i dont think in dungeons maybe just a faction outfit or something, becomes anoying haveing to say yes while in run, you know?
  12. Trash war

    Yes you can, But if they dont press 2 or w.e the thing is to call for help you cant, but you can always finish them off and then pick them up
  13. Trash war

    All i read is crying and crying, 1. you don't have to put on any faction outfits. 2. if killed press 3, *oh no i have to put my outfit back on* 3. its not like you drop anything 4. if the main reason you are crying is spawn camp. then do #2 5. ITS AN OPTION! you are not forced to put on any outfits that make you pvp -- if you think smart to afk on a game with a faction outfit on that just makes you dumb to think anyone cares if you are afk or not-- -- takes you 5 seconds to change into another outfit-- the hot pocket can wait -- 6. if you want to do the faction pvp quest. its only to get a garbage exp, or to level up your faction level, meaning you want to fight other faction, if its for bragging rights, then stop crying, there will always be someone better then you in any game you play. this game has a perfect way of dealing with open world pvp. and i enjoy it, even when someone better fights me. if i want to pvp for a reward i do it in the arena WHERE THINGS ARE BALANCED.*free exp and ranks for skill* so do stop crying people. and sell that faction outfit if it hurts your butt too much. and there problem solved
  14. Blight Bangle not dropping

    i have put my time into the game, i say i get them all the time, it seems more or less alot of people have bad luck with drops in the cave, i say just keep on ruining it, stop expecting to get it from a chest you have a better chance just outbidding someone, you know those sealing charms? sell them, keep the moon unsealing charms, and make some money from the tradables . also as for gold deva its a pain to get your weapon, but just keep on doing it, if you really dont like farming the world boss then just buy them or just go to channel 1 and farm without else. ive got them in fact i got a few yesterday from gold deva, my pain there is the outfit aura. but its all RNG. if you cant handle it then just buy a key, also DO DAILIES those chest have a chance to get a key. ive got 2 and i have them for my higher level weapons so i dont have to farm them like crazy, GOOD LUCK!
  15. You may want to fire your QA team

    my pre ran out and idk if i can get my outfits out...