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  1. So uh...is it just me? I guess it has to be if no one is saying anything (I doubt a core dps skill could be bugged like this and no one complains). Am I missing something?
  2. Hey guys, returning after a pretty long hiatus and I didn't see anything in bug reporting, so I wasn't sure if I should make a thread there quite yet or if something has changed since I left. I noticed that dragon helix isn't doing damage anymore, Is that just me, or is anyone else experiencing this issue?.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I usually go Baelful for most classes, and was doubtful that it would reset the CD of Tombstone. Just thought that'd I'd ask since I did not see in Tombstone's skill description that its CD could not be reset. The reason I have been on the fence about the whole Baleful vs Seraph debate is that I felt like Gunslinger doesn't really benefit much from the CD reset, mostly due to the fact that skills in both trees have a relatively low CD. I've never felt like I've had to 'wait' for certain skills to come off cd in order to maintain my DPS (more so in fire build).
  4. Hey guys, does anyone know if the cd reset from Baleful proc resets the CD of Tombstone? if not I might just go Seraph.
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