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  1. [NEWS] October 17 Patch Note Preview

    **Soulstone & Soulstone Crystals have been removed as rewards for faction quests in Moonwater Plains** - Everytime i find a way to make gold or farm Soulstone, you take it away, making the game more and more relient on credit cards (which i don't have) - last spring i would have farm them by doing daylies but the purple dungeons are no longer rewarding to be worth farming (gold wise), so i created as many ln.55 as possible and switched to only do weeklies, until you drop the reward from weeklies by somewahere around 70% less gold, making them not so rewarding anymore,,, well, you have it coming NCSoft, as soon as a decent MMORPG with pve and non-tab targeting comes to life, many of us F2P will leave the servers in a heart beat!