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  1. Thoughts so far

    in stead of pumping more content into this game they should fix the issues with their server connectivity so people can actually play the content that's already there.
  2. Can't enter bandit hideout?

    not 'during', shortly after.
  3. Can't enter bandit hideout?

    this does nothing more than what the loading screen does though.
  4. Entire client shutting down when it loses connection MUST be a bug, since other NCsoft games only log you out to the login screen when you lose connection, B&S kills the entire client. which wouldn't be an issue if it happened once a day, as opposed to 6- 7 times an hour.
  5. suggestion

    rename the game "mmorpg themed frustration simulator" since nothing is actually working.
  6. so.. i like this game, i really do.. i got premium and stuff. but after disconnect number 5 in a dungeon, just before killing the boss i just cba to log in a 6th time.. it''s just not worth the frustration and effort. so today is another one of a series that look like a forming trend, namely.. i'm starting to lose my hype. anyway.. when do you guys reckon they fix this? i mean, the bots and the connection trouble.. it just seems like to much effort to put in for 15 seconds of fun. i mean i got a lvl 38 character so i pretty much got my 35 bucks worth atm, hours/money -wise.. i feel like i'm losing incentive to log back in. :v i'm salty over it. but i guess ill go play path of exile again? i poured about 2600 bucks into that game up to this point. worth it. wish i could say the same about this game.
  7. Monster Lag + DC....

    tried resetting your modem?
  8. Just wanted to say that i keep getting the error 1000 (13200054) when i do cross server dungeon. it's the generic disconnection error, only happens in cross server dungeon, and only on this game. only near mobs. (server cant handle datastream? did you guys get the servers on a discount or something?)
  9. Proper player reports

    i usually report those people for botting. because they just as well could be bots.
  10. you work at Nordstrom ? because those people only make like 6 bucks an hour. that means you have to work 10 minutes for 1 euro. do you really need that compensated? are people really this petty? are you married? with children?
  11. but i don't agree with your generalization man. can't crucify a "generation" due two a few bad apples. you old people should think about that. :v
  12. i'm premium and i don't feel entitled to compensation. 15 bucks for a month. all in all 1 day no playtime due to connection/ maintenance.. so what.. you think they need to give me 1euro? not worth the effort man.
  13. When are the massive KFM buffs coming?

    "easier to play" no thanks. there should be class- speciphic 1v1 battles though. now THAT would be awesome. active dodges and lower dmg too but damn, that'd be a different game..
  14. logging in

    ticking the "remember me" box doesn't actually remember me.
  15. When are the massive KFM buffs coming?

    feel like this guy is just running himself into the ground because he's tripping over salt.. this thread lost substance.
  16. When are the massive KFM buffs coming?

    new to the game myself, played all classes a bit but ended up with the class op thinks is underpowered. KFM has 3 gap closers, about 4 cc's, Aoe options after lvl 20 and some incredible versatility in defence/ attack without switching soul shield set. tbh, i wouldn't mind a slight nerf.
  17. Marketplace is broken

    the word "terribad" gets on my anyway, i had some problems with this as well.. restart your pc. (that would be my suggestion, since it worked for me)

    to be honest, the forum is full of unsatisfied people because the people who are satisfied are pleasuring themselves with in-game experience. edit: which is the VAST majority btw.
  19. Why is none answering in "SAY"?

    i block gold sellers when i see them. anyway, i've accumulated a pretty decent friends list atm.. so i don't know where you're coming from, maybe work on your social skills?
  20. > has a lot to say about who can and cannot put advice out > doesn't post in the correct thread, in stead puts it in general discussion.
  21. Kung-Fu Master

    lumzz summed it up. gotta learn the combo's and get your timing straight. /thread.
  22. Chat disabled ?

    i think they're trying to fix one issue on the left and 4 more issues appear on the right. coding is a *cricket*.
  23. Disconnect server (3000)(132,10060)

    i'm getting this error in the boss room of the cross server dungeon. "tomb of the exiled" or something.
  24. with the boobsize-sliders :v am i the only one here who thinks it looks a little iffy when a twig is carrying two skippyballs?
  25. people going overboard

    was just remarking about some questionable proportional choices players made/