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  1. I admit i for one will buy this RNG chest since it comes with other costumes too that i missed cause im a returning player its a good opportunity to contine collecting costumes again. i dont mind spending as long as im having fun, i just save extra money for my gaming and most for my bills. and i dont consider myself a “Whale” i just love collecting costumes >,>
  2. Hello there! I’m not sure if you know but costumes in Hongmoon Stores are in rotation they update it every other friday. The idea of putting all the costumes in HM store is good since im a returning player, i missed some of the costumes they released especially the summer stuffs. So i second this.
  3. Happened to me few days ago, just like you, i am a returning player. I started on launch and quit after reaching 50. I tried to purchase NC coin via Credit Card and they sent me an email that my purchase is pending verification even though i spent a lot last year i was even subscribe on premium for a year. Anyways i got mine in an hour. I guess they are doing it just to make sure nobody was making purchase except you since you’ve been inactive for long time but i think Paypal method is faster.
  4. Censorship was here since release unfortunately they ruined some or most of the outfits. KR got the originals.
  5. I like Lyn so im not one of those haters. I have a lyn Blade dancer, Warlock and i even made Jin look like a Lyn just because i want a Gunner xD
  6. Race: Yun I love character customization and i thought i tried making presets. Might sell this. (don't know yet) Let me know if you are interested. Server: Jiwan IGN: Yui Aruzawa
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