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  1. Costume Sale Survey

    I really hope they just put it up for sale for like 1200 or something, I'm going to laugh so hard at the losers who payed 100+ for outfits like the best friend or spring breeze hahahahaha
  2. BnS now shows ur ping....

    It's pretty bullsht, lol, if you go to task manager it tells you the legit ping, this one is wonky af
  3. Gender change

    So if I use this, will I be able to customize the appearance as well or do I have to buy the other alteration coupon with it?
  4. Well I need to vent

    Lol calm down, you make it sound much more harder than it actually is, it's as easy as asura, sheesh.
  5. Legendary S10 & S5 + Oblivion Accessories

    Search up "Arashel" They have 700ap, soha server.
  6. Really? More p2w?

    They probably meant "payday" as in "I stole mommy's credit card"
  7. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    I'm with you buddy, after another p2w event bullshit, I'm done with this game, have a good time on a better game man :)
  8. Really? More p2w?

    More RNG boxes??? More P2W?? Honestly, as if goldbuyers weren't enough, now we have an even bigger cashgrab than trove tbh, well, me and a bunch of people are tired of this shit, we're most likely going to move on to something else. And yes, I'm ready for all the "Good, we don't need you" "Bye" "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" bs, Keep wasting your money kiddies, you'll get far in life.
  9. Cobalt Captain

    Oh riiight.. I was under the assumption "First Mate" was the male outfit name.. no idea why lol, thanks! :)
  10. Cobalt Captain

    It says " Cobalt Captain and First Mate adornment "... Does that mean it's just the adornment orrrrr the outfit + adornment? Can someone please clarify.
  11. Achievement merchant disable

    I'm sure ALOT of people would like that since they announced it so rushed and out of nowhere
  12. Achievement merchant disable

    Are you *cricket*ing kidding me, they are disabling it.. that's some major bull, I farmed my ass off preparing for this only to not get what we were promised, *cricket*ing A
  13. Temptation outfit.

    So why would they say the 10th then? What kind of crap is that lol
  14. Temptation outfit.

    The rewards will be distributed at defined intervals throughout the leveling challenge, and characters that were level 10 or under—and reached level 45 before server maintenance on March 23—can expect to receive their rewards the day after maintenance each week (March 10, 17, and 24) following when they hit level 45. The challenge rewards will be sent to the account-wide Received Items tab, where it can be claimed by any character on the account. So they said we have until the 10th for the first rewards maybe early morning to hit level 45??? But now apparently they are distributing the outfits/rewards today, which is the 9th... What kind of sense does that make??
  15. But you guys said you will distribute them on the 10th, meaning we have until tonight and maybe early tomorrow to hit level 45? But now you're saying we had to be 45 by the 9th when clearly it said the 10th... Please clarify..